Halloween Makeup Ideas For Blue Hair

Inspired Halloween Makeup Looks With Blue Wigs

Halloween is fast approaching and it will soon be time to decide on your inspired costume. The hocus pocus holiday makes for a great opportunity to don that hair shade you've been crushing on all year. If blue is your hue, take inspiration from 12 of the best Halloween makeup looks ideally paired with your favourite blue wig:

1. Pop Art Demon

A fabulously funky take on the traditional Halloween themed devil look and perfect for showing off your creative drawing skills. Jennifer used blue shades from the Morphe Brushes Palette and pink body paint as her base colour. Coordinate brows with your blue wig for added drama.

2. Rainbow Neon Zombie

The crazy talented Mykie has over 100 makeup tutorials on her aptly named ‘Glam & Gore’ YouTube channel. Her many sfx creations include a range of zombie and Disney Princess looks with a gloriously gory twist. For this fabulous Rainbow Neon Zombie, Mykie used a simple combination of liquid latex and cotton wool to create the skin base and latex gelatin for the unique rainbow drool. This show-stopping Halloween themed makeup design is surprisingly easy to achieve and her step-by-step video guide can be found here. The blue wig coordinates beautifully with the primary colours featured.

3. Head In The Clouds

Amazingly effective and relatively simple to achieve, this clever makeup design requires just a few products and results in a full-blown costume in itself. The super creative Twistinbangs used a cream base in white and blue and Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Jawbreaker. Back-comb your blue wig at the crown, spray and pin in place to create the beehive effect pictured. Finish by clipping cotton wool to the hair lengths.

4. Blue Vamp

Those blood-sucking vampires remain a popular costume choice during the Halloween season, thanks in part to the Twilight movies and TV hits True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. A pair of realistic looking fangs is the only essential prop to ensure instant recognition, providing a magnitude of options when it comes to makeup and outfits. Swerve the traditional black and red theme and mix it up with that blue wig you have been itching to wear with matching bold lips and overdrawn eyes.

5. Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride was released 17 years ago, but the animated character remains a firm favourite during the Halloween season owing to her distinctive and identifiable look. The gifted Simone Cleary specialises in body paint and sfx and her Corpse Bride makeup is one of our favourites. Products used include Kryolan Supracolor Greasepaints and Snazaroo Blue Face Paints. The inspired worm was created from a straw wrapped with wool! Add a veil with wilting flowers to your blue wig to complete the look.

6. Nightmare Nurse

For monochrome makeup designs, a bright wig is ideal for adding a pop of colour, adding contrast to the face and definition to the artwork. Mehron supply professional cake makeup and palettes to achieve this super creepy look.

Blue Wigs

Find our selection of blue wigs here. Choose from an array of unique styles in several shades from powder to electric in short, mid-length and extra long designs.

7. Dark Sea Queen

A sumptuous mix of glamour and grunge by NYX Awards finalist Kimberly Margarita. The genius makeup artist used sculpting clay to create miniature barnacles and starfish, and secured to her beautiful face with liquid latex (this will also work on your blue wig). Watch the video tutorial guide here to replicate this fabulous alternative to the popular mermaid look.

8. Space Princess

Perfect for glitter-loving ladies and Star Wars enthusiasts. The dainty and ethereal Space Princess design combines pastel shading and stardust effect glitter. Colour coordinate your blue wig with bold lipstick.

9. See No Evil

A gorgeously grotesque look ideal for SFX makeup fans and anyone itching to delve into blood and gore. Professional quality fake blood, black matte eye shadow and an authentic bandage complete your product list. The black lipstick and blue wig complement the design perfectly.

10. Ice Queen

A sophisticated take on Frozen’s Elsa, incorporating beautiful blues and icy silvers. Switch up your bronzer for a pale blue powder to contour the face and add glitter to the eyebrows. The ombre lip is a subtle yet effective touch and an icicle crown is perfect for holding the blue wig back, drawing all eyes to your artistry.

11. Creepy Tooth Fairy

We never knew the Tooth Fairy could be so freakin’ scary. Perhaps she carries a pair of pliers rather than pound coins? Now that’s a thought that’s going to fester. Opt for extra large fairy-like eyelashes with contrasting sinister contact lenses and small amounts of glitter to strike the magic/monster balance. The awesome Twinstinbangs used instamorph moldable plastic to forge the realistic looking teeth. Pin your blue wig back to expose the face and tease the roots to create a cushion for the gory crown.

12. Mermaid

We honestly can’t forsee a time when mermaids will not be cool and there is simply no set colour code. If you have been crushing on this season’s hottest blue hair shade and are determined to incorporate it into your Halloween costume, the Mermaid (traditional or sinister) is ideal. For an authentic scale effect on the skin, a fishnet wig cap is the perfect utensil. Check out this short and easy to follow video guide demonstrating exactly how to use the cap and some eyeshadow to achieve the look.

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