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Suffice to say we were dancing round the office when Bestival released their 2018 theme as ‘The Circus’. Since Britney’s 2008 album (how was that 10 YEARS AGO and how did ‘If You Seek Amy’ not make it to NO.1?) we have seen the theme embraced by many an event including raves, boat parties and even weddings. Now we have a 4-day festival to look forward to and the tagline ‘The Most Colourful Show On Earth’ provides the perfect opportunity to get especially creative with your festival fashion.

For those who are as giddy as us about like, the best festival theme ever, and looking to go full on circus with face paint, costumes and props, we’ve sourced an array of Bestival-worthy inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.

The Clown

Clown Wigs Hair and Makeup

Keziah wears The Extra Large Purple Afro Wig and Yellow Troll Doll Wig. Lola wears the Pink Extra Large Afro Wig. Sam wears the Kylie Wig. Sara wears the Green Lauren Wig, Wilde Pink Wig and Black Blunt Bob Wig. Lucii wears the Unicorn Rainbow Wig.

Likely the first character that comes to mind for the circus theme and one of the easiest to adopt. There are no rules for clowns (they have free rein to lurk in drains and fold themselves into refrigerators) and no rules concerning hair and makeup. Whether you’re into bright and bold, pretty pastel, classy vintage or the phobia inducing variety, you’ll find inspiration aplenty to create your own imaginative design.

The Ringmaster

Ringmaster Makeup and Hair

Via Instagram

A top hat is the only prop needed to cement a ringmaster costume, allowing for serious scope with your interpretation. The awesome Raven George shows off 2 contrasting ringmaster makeup designs, embracing both the traditional and down right creepy.

Animal Magic

Lion Wig Hair and Makeup

Julia wears the Peach Angel Lace Front Wig. Kim wears the Beyonce Afro Wig.

The perfect companion to the Ringmaster character – convince your bff or boyf (even better) to let you loose with face and body paints plus matching wig for the best festival selfie ever. (Whip and hoop are entirely optional)

The Fortune Teller

Gypsy Wig and Makeup

Isabelle wears the Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig. Kristine wears the Merida Wig.

One of the more feminine characters associated with the circus and conveniently on trend in regards gypsy hair jewels and flower crowns. Could there be a more perfect look for a summer festival?

The Mime

Circus Mime Makeup

Via Instagram @faerie_blossom

For lovers of monochrome everywhere and with the added benefit of needing to fit only a couple of face paints in your festival case (space saving is always a priority), tweak the mime look for a cute, modern take on the circus theme. Get it right and you have a showstopper. The Incredible @faerie_blossom absolutely nails it.

The Showgirl

Showgirl Makeup and Wigs Hair

Isabelle wears the Orange Bombshell Wig. Simone wears the Smooth Supermodel Clip In Ponytail. Emily wears the Nicki Pink Afro Wig. Mira wears the Lilac Kylie Wig. Sarah wears the Lana Wig. Yasmin wears the Rose Gold Angel Lace Front Wig.

Sure to be popular among festivalgoers with ample choice when it comes to colour and interpretation. Opt for glitter embellishments, pearls or lace and mix and match with a distinctive hair shade or block coloured wig. Have fun with clashing corsets, bustle skirts and oversized collars.

Showgirl Wig Black Circus Makeup

For a more subtle, sultry look, allow your makeup to be the focal point with bold, exaggerated shading or coordinate makeup effects with darker hair. The super talented Isabelle created these 4 stunning looks with the Retro Betty Wig, ideal for the showgirl theme.

The Acrobat

Circus Acrobat Makeup

Via Instagram @samantha_vonviper

Take inspiration from Cirque du Soleil and the super talented Samantha opting for neon bright colours, avant-garde makeup designs and clashing feather hair additions.

Freak Show

Circus Freak Show Makeup Hair

Julia wears the Autumn Orange Wig, Blonde Bob Fashion Wig, Silver Lauren Wig and Orange Bombshell Wig. Mili wears the Blonde Fashion Afro Wig. Nastia wears the Rose Gold Rebel Lace Front Wig.

Ideal for horror buffs, get your freak on and get your face paints out for some optical illusion designs sure to impress. Along with acrobats and high wire acts, Bestival promises ‘bearded freaks’ and ‘mutant jugglers’ – something we are particularly excited about.

Outside The Box

Bestival Circus Ideas Makeup

Via Instagram @amelie_makeup and @angieladebrouillarde

Circus Characters Makeup and Hair

Via Instagram @judesamyn

A more eccentric character may be in order for the extra creative, extra imaginative or anyone who is just extra. Think Strongman, Bearded Lady, Unicyclist and if you’re feeling ultra brave, Conjoined Twins!

Via Youtube Ketty Mua

Via YouTube Julie Samyn

Via YouTube Ta'a Beauty

For heaps more circus themed inspiration, check out the fabulous featured makeup artists on Instagram and tag us in your wonderful wig pictures

Keziah - @artbeautychaos

Lola - @lola_von_esche

Sam - @samshineart

Sara - @sara_strange_art

Lucii - @suezochan

Julia - @metamorphosia_fx

Kim - @witteartistry

Isabelle - @isabelle_makeup_

Kristine - @pigeon_pie_art

Simone - @simone_cleary

Emily - @vanityvenom

Mira - @mirandavanr

Sarah - @itsgottabesarahc

Yasmin - @solatice_

Mili - @reallymili

Nastia - @akalyna_ne_verba


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