Granny Costume Ideas Inspired By The Jubilee Celebrations.

Granny Wigs Never Age!

The Queen’s Jubilee celebrations saw a host of fabulous costumes gracing our streets, stages and screens, with many paying homage to the monarch by replicating her iconic style.

It was no surprise that our Queen Elizabeth II Wig sold out twice in the run up to the festivities, and our favourite design came courtesy of @akalyna_ne_verba as seen in our tribute video:

With the bunting, flags and crested teaspoons now retired until the next royal regatta, there are plenty of characters waiting to be recreated with the help of one of our fabulous granny wigs.

Granny Wigs

Simone wears the Brown Granny Wig as Dolores Umbridge and Ron Burgundy, the Blonde Granny Wig as Margaret Thatcher and the Blue Rinse Granny Wig as Mrs Slocombe. Nastia wears the Grey Granny Wig as Queen Elizabeth II.

Granny Costume Ideas

The granny costume wigs are made from the same luxe, vegan synthetic fibre as our fashion wigs, easily styled into a unique design with your everyday styling tools and hair products.

In need of more inspo for a generic granny costume? These clever concepts made the cut for both adults and kids:

Granny Wigs For Adults

Granny Wigs For Children

Costume checklist:

Zimmer Frame / Walking Stick







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