Halloween Makeup + Pink Wigs

The Best Halloween Makeup Looks With Pink Hair

Halloween is the perfect excuse to opt for that hair colour that you have been lusting after all year. If, like us you have fallen in love with the multitude of pastel shades seen flooding the feeds of social media muses but haven’t had the time, patience or courage to follow suit, the spooky season allows for that ‘anything goes’ approach.

Find yourself planning your outfit around your shoes? (Yep, so guilty of this) You may also veer towards planning your costume around your hair colour crush of the year. If pretty pink is your bag and you’ve been yearning for an excuse to test out the popular shade, we’ve got your back with oodles of inspiration.

Check out 13 ideas for Halloween themed makeup looks coordinated with pink wigs;

  1. Sugar Skull

Beautifully effective and relatively easy to replicate. Faux gems and spirit gum are essential. Find the full tutorial here

2. Enchanted Forest

Look like you stepped straight out of the Enchanted Forest with this utterly divine botanical creation. Raid your local craft store for greenery and flower appliques and use spirit gum to affix to the face. Apply exaggerated eyelashes to both top and bottom lash lines and some clever contouring for the appearance of elongated and oversized features.

3. Candy Girl

Ash Clements is a master of body paint artistry. Her skills may be far superior compared with us mere mortals, but it's easy to be inspired by her Lollipop creation. Think ice cream, Brighton rock and pick ‘n’ mix for a fabulously alternative food themed costume. Ash is rocking our Pink Afro Wig, complementing her glorious design perfectly with its squishy marshmallow effect. Check out her YouTube channel for more looks and full tutorials.

4. Double Face Clown

Go half and half on your DIY makeup look so you don’t have the hassle of keeping it symmetrical. Have fun with pastel coloured face paints and mix it up with a grisly and grotesque side. Opt for mismatched contact lenses for added impact.

5. Broken Wooden Doll

The creepy doll look has become more popular each year with new Rag Doll Costume launches every season since September 2015. For a show-stopping wooden doll effect, follow the step by step tutorial here.

6. Rag Doll

For a simplified yet super effective doll look check out this super easy to follow tutorial.

Pink Wigs

Don't forget to take a gander at our selection of pink wigs. From afros to extra long designs and bubblegum tones to pastel hues, we've got you covered with a bevy of gorgeous styles, ideal for costumes and every day looks.

7. Bunny

For the super girly girls who favour cute over gory, the bunny girl look is ideal. One of our absolute favourite makeup artists, Cassie Wells used our Pastel Pink Fashion Wig to finish off her fab design.

8. Pop Art Zombie

This perfectly pink Pop Art Zombie is ideal if you are looking for a colourful-yet-scary look. For added drama, and to really freak out your pals, opt for neon and glow in the dark makeup.

9. Cheshire Cat

Wonderland will never not be cool. The end. To stand out from the swarm of Alice, Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts characters that always seem to be in attendance at costume parties, opt for the super sly Cheshire Cat. Easy to achieve and instantly recognised. Essentials = pink wig, elongated eyes, fluttery lashes and extended grin.

10. Gold Glitter Skull

Decided on the ever-popular skeleton costume for Halloween? Stellar choice! With a host of outfits available to buy or recreate at home from bone printed bodycons, leggings and onesies to full on 3D latex get-ups, it's easy to achieve your own unique look. For a modern and elegant twist add gold glitter in place of the usual black face paint, and a pastel pink wig.

11. Zombie Mermaid

For those who dream of being a mermaid (we know there are loads of you out there) but are also obsessed with The Walking Dead (yep, us too – if Daryl dies we riot!) Just combine the two. Simples. Ok, this look does not look simple but if you check out the tutorial you can follow each step to create a similar design.

12. Slime

When else can you rock pink hair and pastel slime?

13. Alien

If your Halloween themed event is Sci-Fi / Star Wars / Space themed and you’re not up for the full on plastic mask complete with voice changer, or the super unflattering printed morph suit, get creative instead with your makeup kit. Take inspiration from the awesome @dadollitaz and her Alien design. With clever shading, star clusters, overdrawn lashes and the Cyclops style eye, she nails the theme and still manages to look utterly gorgeous.

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