The Top 10 Wigs For Halloween

The Halloween Wigs Wishlist

The Halloween countdown has officially begun and the hunt for that perfect costume has undoubtedly started for many. If you’re yet to decide on a look for the spooky season, stop what you’re doing and prepare to be inspired.

Behold our list of the top 10 Halloween Wigs based on predictions, sales and requests to date. Our 2019 rundown includes classic styles with a modern twist and some alternative gems that might just magic up that inspiration you've been searching for.

1. The Ghostly Madame Wig

Halloween Wigs Grey

Beautifully versatile and ideal for a range of zombie, un-dead and cauldron-loving characters. The long grey ghost wig measures an extra long 39 inches and is fully heat resistant. The full and thick hair allows for a whole host of designs and your own unique creation.

Add braids and plaits, use curling tongs to create mid-century ringlets or backcomb away for a messy, dishevelled effect. For extra gory looks, apply blood spatters or affix fake body parts (we’re thinking eyeballs and severed fingers would be horrifyingly brilliant.)

This gloriously malleable wig is the perfect blank canvas for those creative souls among you.

2. The Morticia Addams Wig

Halloween Wigs Black

A popular choice during the Halloween season owing to its long, full and thick, jet-black hair lengths. The Morticia Addams Wig, originally inspired by the macabre matriarch herself, is ideal for any costume requiring sleek and straight dark coloured tresses.

The 30 inch long wig makes a fabulous choice for divas and demons alike.

Favour a fringe? For an edgy, modern twist, the long black wig with bangs boasts an identical style with added full fringe and proves equally popular.

Halloween Wigs Black With Fringe

3. The Lauren Silver Wig

Halloween Wigs Silver

The silver hair trend is picking up steam again as we head into autumn and this alluring hair colour has long transcended into the Halloween costume arena. With its suggestion of magic and mystery, the divine silver wavy wig paired with some effective makeup can truly bring a costume to life.

Think fallen angels and sinister fairies or take inspiration from award winning makeup artist metamorphosia_fx. The master of gory special effects opted for the metallic wig to complement several of her viral looks.

The heat friendly wig can be tonged, flat-ironed and styled with ease and measures 24 inches long.

4. The Pink Afro Wig

Halloween Wigs Pink Clown

The horror community’s obsession with sinister clowns doesn’t look to be subsiding any time soon. The second instalment of ‘IT’ has dropped, delivering the bloodiest scene in horror movie history (yep, we were first in line for tickets and fully accepted the inevitable regret), while Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights announced the return of Killer Klowns From Outer Space. After last year’s immensely popular scare zone (we were there and it was AWESOME), the creepy clowns have been given their very own haunted house for the annual event.

The Pink Afro Wig is an all-year-round best seller but nevermore so than in the run up to the spooky season. The cotton candy hair makes the perfect addition to any scary clown costume with a pretty, pastel twist.

With the recent invasion of aliens (makeup and cosplay community speaking), thanks to the ‘Storm Area 51’ hoax (or is it..?) we predict an array of extra-terrestrial themed costumes completed by this popular wig. [Now available in 8 shades.]

5. The Atomic Scandal Lace Front Wig

Halloween Wigs Green

Sci-Fi inspired green slime in the form of luxury hair! Gorgeous green hair lengths fall into luscious waves with the added benefit of the most natural of hairlines.

We’ll avert our eyes as one of our favourite new additions, the long green lace front wig, is transformed from gorgeous to grotesque, decomposing, limp locks for an array of horror based characters. We just know it’s coming.

Check out more of @petite.doll’s art for a ton of Halloween ideas.

6. The Cotton Candy Wig

Halloween Wigs White

Truly one of our most versatile wigs, designed to be styled into a customised design. The Cotton Candy Wig boasts plenty of fluffy white hair made from heat friendly fibre. A unique piece, ideally backcombed, pinned or decorated with adornments to complement a Halloween costume, be it sweet or sinister.

7. The Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig

Halloween Wigs Red Curly

Featuring a luscious mix of red wine and orange tones, the incredibly popular red crimped wig is the perfect colour for an array of Halloween characters and costumes. The heat friendly, crimped hair lengths can be styled with your usual hair tools for a customised finish.

8. The Stargazer Lace Front Wig

Halloween Wigs Grey Lace Front

Ghoulish grey, grisly grey, gargoyle grey – we’ll shut up now. In short, grey wigs are probably the most popular of any colour during the Halloween season. The neutral shade allows intricate or colourful makeup to really pop, and adds an instant deathly tone to any horror themed costume.

The long grey lace front wig features beautiful wavy layers made from luxe, heat resistant fibre. A seamless blend with the scalp is easily achieved thanks to the soft, transparent lace sewn from ear-to-ear.

Viral artist and Ghoul Queen @ellycatt opted for the best selling Stargazer Wig to complete several of her ‘Ellyween’ series looks. Be inspired by more of her incredible work here.

9. The Jessica Rabbit Wig

Halloween Wigs Red

Did Jessica Rabbit get some super creepy makeover? No, rest assured the redheaded cartoon bombshell remains ‘drawn that way’ the last time we checked. The animated icon’s signature hairstyle doubles as a favoured Halloween wig, owing to its lustworthy deep red-orange shade and adjustable part line.

An easy-wear wig that makes a fitting accessory to a whole host of Halloween character costumes. Find the long red wig here.

10. The Black Swan Lace Front Wig

Halloween Wigs Black Lace Front

A classic Halloween style with the added perk of a contoured, authentic hairline. The long black lace front wig exposes the face beautifully, ideal for showing off that gory makeup designed to be the focal point of your Halloween ensemble.

Alternatively, the lavish hair lengths can be braided, plaited or arranged into an ‘up do’, without having to conceal the wig edges.

We can't wait to see your creations this Halloween. Be sure to tag your wig pics for discounts and features. Stay creepy and creative!


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