The Half Wig Hairpiece For The Love Island Look

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Love Island has undoubtedly been the smash hit show of the Summer with an array of celebrity fans including Stormzy, Liam Gallagher and Jeremy Corbyn. The re-couplings, rocky relationships and racy hook-ups have become a national obsession. Who would have guessed that throwing a score of jaw-dropping beauties and shirtless, chiseled hunks into a tropical paradise (stocked with alcohol) would result in unmissable TV?

A big topic of conversation on social media has unsurprisingly centred around the enviable looks of this year’s gorgeous girls. From Olivia’s perfectly polished nails, Camilla’s spider-like fluttery eyelashes, Tyla’s bold and pouty lips to Amber’s 3D eyebrows – we can’t get enough of these lovely lasses.

Love Island Hair Extensions

Particularly lust-worthy is the long, flowing Amazonian style hair sported by the flirty girlies - irresistible to even their own touch! (Have you noticed the constant rearranging, preening and scrunching that goes on?)

Several of the Love Island hairstyles are thanks to permanent, bonded hair extensions. If the cost and maintenance of this procedure make you wince, the perfect alternative is just a click away.

The Hollywood Icon Half Wig is designed to cover the majority of your natural hair and blend effortlessly with the section around the forehead with the help of 7 sturdy pressure clips. The 25 inch long hairpiece boasts big, bouncy waves that can be tweaked and styled with ease to achieve your favorite Love Island hairstyle. The fully heat resistant half wig is available in 7 colours and can be treated as human hair with your full range of styling products.

Half Wig Hairpiece With Clips

Montana Love Island Hair ExtensionsBackcomb your hair around the crown to achieve Montana’s ‘big-hair-don’t-care’ look. This method also works to effectively cover the join of the half wig.

Olivia Love Island Half Wig Hair Extensions

Use a sectioning comb to create a mini, off centre, uneven parting line as worn by Olivia. Comb the rest of the hair around the crown up and over the edge of the half wig to conceal the line. Leave shorter layers loose to flatter the face, adding volume to the cheeks.

Amber Love Island 2017 Hairpiece Extensions

Amber is bang on trend with the ‘Hun’ hairstyle (half-bun half-down-hair). Simply pull the front section of your natural hair back and over the edge of the hairpiece and fashion into a top knot - an ideal method to cover the line of the half wig.

Chloe Love Island 2017 Half Wig Hair Extensions

Chloe ‘s sunglasses would do the job of concealing the line of the hairpiece nicely. An alice band also works well or tie the loose section of your hair up into a ponytail. This exposes the face and adds volume to the crown.

Jess Love Island 2017 Half Wig Hairpiece

To achieve Jess’s super sexy hair, once the hairpiece is attached use a wide tooth comb to separate the hair and loosen the waves. Spritz Sea Salt Spray through the lengths and work through with your fingers. This creates texture and a more effortless, unstyled look.

Love Island 2017 Danielle Hair Extensions

For a more relaxed style like Danielle’s, straighten out the ends of the hair. This will remove the deliberate curl and create more of a beach wave look.

Tyla Love Island Half Wig Hairpiece

The Hollywood Icon Half Wig is ideal if you are a fan of Tyla’s glamorous hair. Leave the hair extension as is and attach after the application of a good Root Lift Spray for added thickness and volume.

Camilla Love Island 2017 Half Wig Hair Extensions

If you are crushing on Queen Camilla’s hair with its more natural and laid back allure, simply brush through the hair lengths and straighten out the ends until just a slight wave exists. Pin back the front section to cover the edge of the half wig and pull a few strands forward over the forehead.

Click here for our step by step guide to fitting your half wig hairpiece.


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