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An Easy Way To Achieve The Pastel Hair Look

When your Instagram feed is chocka with hair tutorials and celebrities showcasing nothing but pastel coloured hair, it’s hard to resist the urge to reach for the latest ‘tried and tested’ bottle of colourant.

Whether you’re crushing on lovely lilac, baby blue, pretty peach or beautiful blorange, we think it’s pretty natural to crave pastel coloured hair that any mermaid would be proud of.

Perfect for the Summer months and ideal for music festivals, rainbow hues are becoming more commonplace in Europe and the USA. Coordinating your makeup is a fun and easy way to achieve a completely new look.

Unfortunately, all over pastel colours are notoriously hard to achieve and maintain. It’s particularly bad news for dark-haired girls, as a bleached base is essential to the end result. Your hair would require several rounds of colour stripping, depending on your natural shade.

A regular colour-protecting shampoo, conditioning and treatment routine would also be an important commitment.

All things considered, taking the plunge with a full head of pastel coloured hair threatens to burn a significant hole in your wallet and schedule.

Take inspiration from celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and opt instead for a pastel lace front wig. Ever wondered how the naturally dark brunette reality star walks the red carpet with a seemingly different hair colour each time? Did you find yourself lusting after her mint green, light blue, pink-mauve or orange blonde shades? Yep, those be wigs.

Choosing the wig route allows you to switch between colours, depending on your mood or occasion without damaging your hair or bank balance. It also ensures that a more ‘conservative’ look is easy to revert to if and when required.

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Pastel Lace Front Wigs

Lighter coloured wigs will always come out of the box a little shiny. This is natural due to the fibres of the new hair. We strongly recommended that you use a generous helping of setting powder or dry shampoo on all pastel colours. This easy fix will significantly reduce the shine and achieve a more muted, smokier tone.


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