Festival Wigs Wishlist *UPDATED FOR 2022*

The Top 10 Festival Wigs

Festival season is here and it will soon be time to start planning your inspired festival look. Whether you're attending Bestival at Lulworth Castle, Donnington Park’s Download Festival, the notoriously muddy Glastonbury in June, the fantastical Latitude or any of the countless UK music festivals, it’s an opportunity to be colourful and creative.

April’s Coachella festival saw a selection of pastel hair colours, double buns, glitter infused makeup and ombre nails, with the trends looking set to continue throughout the Summer.

Our festival wigs guide previews the top 10 wigs based on sales, pre-orders and predicted trends for 2022.

  1. The Unicorn Rainbow Wig

Pastel Rainbow Wig Festival Wig

The unicorn inspired Pastel Rainbow Wig features multi coloured pastel layers and adjustable fringe. Coordinate with matching rainbow faux freckles to bounce off your ‘My Little Pony’ inspired hair.

2. The Paradise Island Wig

Festival Wig Blonde Wavy With Bangs

Inspired by the California cool of Coachella, the unique Long Blonde Wavy Wig is an easy-wear style for instant impact, while maintaining an effortless look. The short, blunt bangs complete the edgy, modern effect and bold two-tone eye makeup is the perfect contrast.

3. The Picnic Acid Wig

Neon Pink Festival Wig

One of the most popular colours of the year so far, bright pink is everywhere right now and set to be a big trend at music festivals. The Neon Pink Bob Wig is cut into a distinctive, symmetrical design with matching bangs. Coordinate your eyes, lips, blush and brows to achieve the look pictured.

4. The Pink Afro Wig

Light Pink Afro Wig Festival

Hitting up the ever popular pastel trend, the Pink Afro Wig makes an ideal choice for the whimsy of Latitude and the Ibiza atmosphere of Creamfields. With a mass of tight afro curly hair in a gorgeous shade of baby pink, the surprisingly lightweight pastel wig is a huge best seller. Check out more of India's festival makeup looks here.

5. The Smooth Supermodel Clip In Ponytail

Space Buns Clip In Ponytails Festival Style

The space buns hairstyle continues to be a huge trend this year and swamped the valleys of the Coachella festival. Super cute, beautifully flattering and gloriously versatile, this high fashion style requires next to no maintenance throughout the day and allows for serious moshing without the inevitable tangles.

Not enough hair for two full buns? No problem, take inspiration from celebrities and fashion bloggers by using clip in ponytail hairpieces.

Simply section your natural hair in half and arrange whatever hair you have into two buns (don’t be concerned with how neat or even they are). Then, attach a colour matching Clip In Ponytail over each bun using the pressure clip. Wrap the hair around to create a perfectly round and full bun. Tuck the ends out of sight using a hair grip. Add coloured hair spray or glitter to enhance your magical look.

6. The Kylie Silver Wig

Long Silver Festival Wig

Inspired by the Summer goddess look often sported during the festival season? Opt for sensational silver. Our Long Silver Wig features natural, textured waves and a face flattering side swept fringe. The extra long hair measures 30 inches and can be styled with ease. Go to town with highlighter, matching crystals and a maxi dress for the perfect angelic look.

7. The Sherbet Swirl Lace Front Wig

Rainbow Wig Lace Front Festival

Rainbow locks are on every dream hair wish list and a summer festival is the perfect excuse to try out the multicoloured trend. The Pastel Rainbow Lace Front Wig provides even more versatility than the Unicorn Rainbow Wig, owing to the super natural hairline. Arrange into a host of styles for day-to-night looks, with the confidence that the lace front creates a seamless blend with the scalp. Rainbow braids, space buns, top knots and messy ponytails can be achieved with ease.

8. The Lilac Rebel Lace Front Wig

Purple Bob Wig Lace Front Festival

Lovely lilac has been flooding the pages of Instagram and Pinterest of late. The mermaid-esque shade is ideal for Summer gatherings and festivals. Our Lilac Bob Lace Front Wig boasts plenty of volume and light brown roots for a more natural look. The perfect design to expose the face and accessorise with bold glitter makeup

9. The Black Swan Lace Front Wig

Black Lace Front Wig Long Wavy

Pretty pastels not your bag? For those looking for a dark and sultry style, the Black Swan Lace Front Wig makes an ideal alternative. The long hair lengths fall effortlessly into beautiful beach waves. Wonderfully versatile, the hair can be primed into an array of hairstyles. Think half up half down do’s, messy top knots and fishtail plaits. Be inspired by model Elisa and opt for a super chic festival-perfect hat.

10. The Manic Daffodil Lace Front Wig

Neon Yellow Wig Lace Front Festival

No top festival wigs list would be complete without a neon wig! Looking to stand out? The super popular Bright Yellow Lace Front Wig is a best seller during festival season. With neon being a huge trend for 2022, incorporating the look into hair and makeup is just ideal for the big music festivals.

For tips and tricks, check out our video tutorial for how to make your synthetic wig look more natural.


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