Wig Tips Using Makeup Products You Already own

10 Makeup Products To Start Using On Your Wig

Your magic box of makeup can transform your synthetic wig too. Check out our 10 makeup hacks for wigs below;

Wig Tips - Apply Concealer To Wig Parting Line

1. Concealer

One of the most efficient ways of making your synthetic wig look natural, and a method we are always harping on about, is the concealer part line trick. Turn to your favourite skin-tone-matching concealer, and carefully apply along the entire length of the wig parting line using a small angled makeup brush.

Ta-dah! The ‘faux scalp’ will now appear more skin-like and will perfectly match your skin tone.

Wig Tips - How To Add Eyeshadow To Wig Hairline

2. Eyeshadow

Reach for your beauty toolbox and choose an eyeshadow similar to your wig shade. Using an angled brush, fill in any gaps at the hairline to make it look thicker. For a natural look, ensure that you blend the colour out towards your face.

Overspill from your concealer application to the part line? Keep calm and carry on with your eyeshadow. Simply paint over any concealer flecks and specks with a small brush coated in shadow.

Want to add a rooted effect to your wig? Yep, eyeshadow has got you covered here too. The long and bobbed lace front wigs in our exclusive Angel and Rebel styles feature medium brown coloured roots for a gloriously natural look, but if you’ve opted for a block colour wig and you fancy switching it up for a grungy glam effect, channel your creative side (it's on the left apparently) and get painting.

You may want to build the coverage with several applications, but it works like a dream on synthetic hair as the fibres cling to the product amazingly well.

Opt for a high-pigment product with a matte finish. We love the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palettes and the extensive choice of colours guarantees you a match. Start at the part line of your wig and paint outwards, as far as you wish and add as many coats as required until you achieve the desired look.

Wig Tips - Remove Shine From Synthetic Wigs Powder

3. Setting Powder

Your everyday setting powder doubles as the most effective alternative to dry shampoo.

Every wig-loving lass should be well versed in the art of removing shine from synthetic hair, and dry shampoo is THE go-to beauty wonder product that visibly decreases shine in an instant. If you’re caught short, loose powder is just as effective, the application is however, a little more time-consuming.

Start by sectioning off the top layer of your wig and securing with a sturdy clip. Use a fan brush to dust the powder down the lengths of the hair, ideally reaching every strand. Remove the sectioning clip and repeat this process on the top layer.

The best powder we’ve found, specifically for this method? Illamasqua’s Loose Powder. Super fine – it’s literally invisible – and perfectly matte.

Wig Tips - Use Makeup To Remove Frizz From Wigs

4. Lip Balm

If you’re out and about and find that your wig is looking a tad dry, grab your lip balm and apply to the ends of the synthetic hair to smooth them back into place.

We will never fall out of love with the scrumptious Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Ideal for your wig thanks to its matte finish and tin container for easy application.

Wig Tips - Use Makeup Brush On Wigs To Smooth

5. Blush / Contour Brush

Similar to human hair, a warm environment and certain textiles in clothing can encourage your wig to develop frizz.

A super easy method to combat unwanted flyaways, and a pretty ingenious one we think, is to spritz your blusher or contour brush with hairspray and run it down the lengths of your wig. We’re obsessed with the Vegan brushes by BH Cosmetics. The delicate hairs in this range effectively tame synthetic wig fibre without causing static.

Wigs Tips - Use Brow Gel Lace Front Wig Hairline

6. Eyebrow Gel

A super clever hack for lace front wigs!

The big benefit of lace frontals is the amazingly authentic hairline they provide. Every one of our front lace wigs is hand sewn to achieve this coveted look but you will often find that, out of the box, the shorter, thinner baby hairs around the hairline are smooth and blended back towards the crown.

To ensure the wig is completely and utterly undetectable and to replicate a human hairline, ideally you want a few baby hairs pulled forward.

Step aside and bow down to the supreme clear eyebrow gel with spoolie brush. This beauty staple can be used with ease to catch the thinnest of strands sewn into the lace and coax forward. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Gel is ideal.

Wig Tips - Glitter On Roots Of Wig

7. Face and Body Glitter

Accentuating your part line with a smattering of chunky face and body glitter has been trending for some time now. With festival season fast approaching, the Instagram-born craze isn’t likely to be written off with more recent fashion fads any time soon. (We’re looking at you Squiggle Brows and Nose Hair Extensions!)

Mix your favourite cosmetic glitter – Chunky Face Glitter by Shrine is ace - with some hair gel and apply to either side of your wig part using a makeup spatula or foundation brush. Experiment with different consistencies and colours for your own unique look.

WARNING! Glitter can be rather hard to remove from your wig! Start with a baby wipe or facial wipe to remove the larger chunks. To completely de-glitter your wig, a full wash will be unavoidable. Read our guide to washing a wig here.

Wig Tips - Apply Foundation To Lace Front Wigs

8. Foundation

Depending where you fall on the wig-wearing experience chart, ranging from cuticlely clueless to hair-flipping hero, you may need to hide the excess lace at the hairline on your lace front wig.

It's important to cut the lace as close to the sewn-in hair as possible, but without cutting into the hair itself. Until you are confident enough to go in further with the scissors (it genuinely takes just a little practice), there will likely be a small amount of extra lace at the front of your wig that needs to be concealed.

Use a beauty blending sponge and a drop of your normal foundation to camouflage the edge of the lace where required. A firm favorite is Illamasqua’s Skin Base Foundation owing to its full coverage, yet surprisingly lightweight feel.

Wig Tips - Change Colour Of Synthetic Wig With Makeup

9. Pigment

If you are using your wig to replicate a specific character’s hairstyle and it isn’t the perfect match to your persona’s exact style, there is a way to add colour without too much drama.

Looking to add Anna’s frozen ice white streak to a brown wig? Wanting to turn your bleach blonde wig into Harley Quinn's dip dyed lengths? Opt for loose pigment and allow yourself plenty of time.

We recommend pouring a generous portion of NYX Pigment (available in 24 gorgeous shades) into a saucer and applying the colour to the hair with a suitably sized makeup brush.

Be sure to secure and cover all parts of the wig that you do not want affected and place a towel underneath your working area to catch the excess powder. Build coverage as you go and shake the treated strands to rid any surplus once you’re done.

Glue For Lace Front Wigs

10. Eyelash Glue

We don’t normally recommend gluing down any of the wigs from our collection. The adjustable straps and robust internal combs are more than enough to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

If, however, you intend on participating in some high energy activity whilst wearing your wig – say a boot camp assault course or a dance off at the local nightclub (is the Migraine Skank still a thing?) – eyelash glue provides that extra safeguard against unwanted wig movement.

Apply a generous amount of good quality glue directly to the skin at the hairline. The House of Lashes Adhesive is at the top of our recommendation list. The same rule applies as with affixing lashes – wait for the glue to become tacky before pressing the edge of the wig down and hold in place for 10-20 seconds.

All beauty products listed are certified cruelty free.


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