Halloween Makeup Looks With Green Hair

Halloween Inspiration For Makeup and Hair

With a significant increase in demand for several of our green wigs, we’ve begun to suspect that this may have something to do with a certain holiday season that isn’t too far away.

Halloween offers makeup lovers the chance to get really creative and we’ve noticed a steady stream of horror themed makeup looks creeping into our Instagram feed of late.

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween look, in our humble opinion, and in honour of the most wonderful time of the year (step aside Santa), we’re coming at you with some pretty amazing inspiration from some pretty amazing makeup artists.

Green hair is the theme for our selection of Halloween makeup ideas, perfect for all those already in possession of a gorgeous green wig, (or if the Grinch happens to be reading this, brainstorming an alternative Trick or Treat outfit.)

Prepare to be green with envy over 14 Halloween makeup ideas with green hair...


Female Beetlejuice Makeup

The ghost with the most is the perfect character for a genderbent Halloween costume. Add a feminine twist to the instantly recognised movie persona with bright eyeshadows and defined lips. Sarah absolutely nailed the Beetlejuice tongue with her jaw-dropping artistic skills (good luck with that) and completed her masterpiece with matching mini sclera contact lenses. It’s showtime!

Pop Art Zombie

Green Pop Art Zombie Makeup

There are countless examples of the popular pop art zombie look, often created with a host of bright clashing colours. We love this version that relies on a smaller colour palette complete with coordinating green wig. The mismatched lenses add the finishing touch to this fabulous undead design. Opt for a brow pomade for matching green eyebrows. KVD’s Long-Wear Pomade in Emerald Green is our pick.

Pastel Skull

Pastel Skull Makeup Green Wig

For lovers of full on face paint but wanting to avoid the super scary Halloween tradition, opt for pastel colours for an alternative, pretty take. Sara’s artistic look bounces off the long green wig beautifully, and her step-by-step video guide includes all the products and skills used to achieve it.

The Joker

Female Joker Makeup Green Hair Wig

Our list wouldn’t be complete without The Joker! The most famous green-haired villain and a favoured genderbending option, easily adapted to suit. Complete your insanely awesome look with the female joker wig and some authentic temporary tattoos by Frenzy Flare. To see how Miranda put together her viral makeup design, check out the video tutorial.

Steampunk Princess

Steampunk Makeup Pastel Green Hair

If, like us, you’re still obsessing over the decadence of Steampunk, Halloween provides the perfect excuse to experiment with the Victorian / Sci-Fi theme. Petra’s 2D makeup is stunning and you can recreate her look with this similar selection of cogs and gears from Resin Art Supplies. Follow suit with a pretty pastel wig topped with a pair of Steampunk goggles by Blue Banana.

Monster Escape

Monster Halloween Makeup Green Wig

Utterly unique makeup look by the super talented Kristine. The Nyx Awards finalist was inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas movie, and if you’re brave enough to attempt something similar, you can follow her step-by-step video tutorial here.

Rainbow Glitter Skull

Rainbow Skull Makeup Green Wig

We don’t need a reason to get glittery with our makeup but Halloween certainly provides a good one. Get serious with glitter and gems by making them the focal point of an otherwise traditional Halloween makeup design. Isabelle wears the wavy pastel green wig, expertly coordinated with one of the rainbow shades used.

Oil Spill Mermaid

Evil Mermaid Halloween Makeup Green Wig

A gorgeously gruesome take on the popular mermaid makeup look. Courtney used the Lid Lacquer by NYX over a black eyeshadow to intensify the oil slick effect and a water activated body paint to create realistic drips. Apply your lace front wig before moving onto the forehead area, smudging the same eyeshadow product around and over the lace for the perfect blend.

Under The Sea

Mermaid Makeup Face Paint Green Hair

Face paint wizardry, continuing with the mermaid theme, traditionally synonymous with seaweed inspired green hair. Watch in awe as Lisa creates her look in this short video. This clever clogs made the beautiful mermaid crown from scratch but for anyone challenged in the crafty department (most definitely includes us), you can find a range of the most glorious mermaid headpieces at Rouge Pony.


Pumpkin Halloween Makeup Green Hair

Green pumpkins happen to enjoy an immense culinary following all over the world, if you don’t mind. The fairytale pumpkin is an old French heirloom with a dark green skin turning buff orange as it ages. (Our annual donation to Wikipedia is totally worth it). We’re not sure if this was the inspiration behind Jasmine’s Halloween makeup look paired with contrasting green hair, but it’s freakin’ awesome all the same.

Jack Skellington / Beetlejuice Mashup

Jack Skellington Female Makeup

We can always rely on the amazing Elly to come up with some super imaginative makeup and body paint creations for the Halloween season. The super cool artist used paints by Mehron for her entire design.

Glam Skull

Glam Skull Halloween Makeup Green Wig

A gorgeous, glam look with just a hint of macabre. Kristine amalgamated her entire look wonderfully by adding gold metallic pigment to her green wig and coordinated press-on nails by Marmalade. For more tips and tricks when it comes to adding colour to your wig, check out our guide to applying makeup to wigs.

Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull Makeup Green Hair

If you’re having serious withdrawal symptoms from festival season by the time October 31st comes around, you can squeeze one more outing from your body paints and glitter pots. Sarah’s bright and colourful sugar skull design is perfect for anyone attending a daylight-hours Halloween shindig or less formal rave. Sarah used pink body glitter by Wish Upon A Sparkle and her deep green hair, that we lust after daily, is 100% real!

Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll Scary Halloween Makeup

How fabulous is this creepy doll look by real life makeup chameleon Lei? Replicate the oversized, sinister mouth by painting white pointed teeth over black lips. Your trusty contour palette should include all the shades required to create the wooden skin effect.

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