Our Top Methods For De-Frizzing A Wig

Tips And Tricks To Fix Frizzy Synthetic Wigs

Aside from unsightly sweat patches and melting makeup, frizz is one of the more annoying consequences of summer’s warmer weather. The popular heat friendly wigs tend to react to friction and the hotter climate more quickly than non heat resistant synthetic wigs. Wearing this style of wig to an all-day festival or during a full night of frivolity, can result in frizzy hair lengths that need reviving before another outing.

Rest assured there are several ways to de-frizz a synthetic wig, here are our top 7 methods:

1. Smooth Hair Fibres Using Dryer Sheets

If your wig is suffering from minimal frizz or smaller flyaway hairs, run a fabric softener dryer sheet down the length of the wig to smooth away the static. For dry ends or flyaways around the hairline, check out tips 4 and 5 on our wig hacks with makeup post.

How To Take Frizz Out Of Synthetic Wigs Dryer Sheets

Cassie wears the Goth Muse Wig.

2. Brush Through Sections With A Wide Tooth Comb

Our go-to method before venturing into heated tools or hair product territory. Take a small section of hair and, starting at the ends and moving toward the crown, gently comb out the frizz or small tangles. Repeat in one inch sections throughout the entire wig. Always use a wide tooth comb and either hang the wig or place on a wig stand / head for easy maneuvering.

Remove Frizz Synthetic Wig Wide Tooth Comb

Kim wears the Pastel Pink Wig, photographed by Yellow Bubbles.

3. Flat Iron Hair Lengths

For mild ‘all-over’ frizz, start at the nape and flat iron one inch sections of the synthetic fibre with hair straighteners. Use your wide tooth comb to guide the ceramic plates down the lengths and repeat 2-3 times if required. Allow the hair to cool completely. We always recommend using tools with temperature controls, beginning with the coolest setting.

Synthetic Wig Flat Iron To De-Frizz

Isabelle wears the Dip Dye Wig

4. Dissolve Static With A Portable Steamer

If frizz is more excessive, opt for a handheld garment steamer. This low cost tool is ideal for synthetic wigs and can reduce frizz quite dramatically. Use the same steps as the flat iron method, sectioning off the hair and steaming from the nape to the ends. Proceed with hair straighteners (method 3) once your wig has been fully steamed and cooled to a normal temperature.

How To De-Frizz Wigs Handheld Steamer

Cassie wears the Burnt Brûlée Wig.

5. Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Untreated frizz can lead to tangles that can be difficult to comb out without causing damage to synthetic hair. In this case, place your wig on a hanger and, avoiding the cap area, spritz a leave-in conditioner through the hair. We love the Detangler Sprays by Mane ‘n Tail and our DIY mixture of diluted fabric softener works particularly well on synthetic fibre. Lay out a towel to catch the excess liquid and leave to soak. Once dry, use methods 2-4 to finish reviving your wig.

Remove Frizz Synthetic Wigs Leave In Conditioner

Denise wears the Blonde Hippie Wig, photographed by Yellow Bubbles Photography.

6. Smooth And Shape With A Hot Air Brush

Ideal for wavy wig styles, swap hair straighteners for a hot air brush. The latest versions of the heated hair brush feature ceramic barrels that smooth and de-frizz hair while adding volume and shape to your wig. Use on dry hair lengths or immediately after applying a leave-in conditioner. We recommend the heated brush stylers by Babyliss.

Synthetic Wig Hot Air Brush Heated

Rachel wears the Pastel Purple Wig, styling by Spoiled Cherry.

7. Snip And Trim

The ultimate quick fix when styling tools and hair products are out of reach. Trim frizzy ends with scissors and snip off flyaways that just won’t tame. Use a blade to carefully razor out any frizz accumulating around the nape.

Tips And Tricks To Defrizz A Wig

Lucii wears the Blonde Mullet Wig.

Do you have any super secret de-frizzing tips for wigs that you swear by? Share the love and let us know your weird and wonderful methods via social media:




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