How To Make A Non Lace Front Wig Look Natural

How To Make A Wig Look Natural - Video Tutorial + Tips

It is essential to tweak any synthetic wig to achieve a more natural look. Lighter coloured wigs in particular can appear slightly shiny and just like hair extensions, wigs should be styled and blended to appear as authentic as possible.

With a few simple steps using every day beauty utensils and products, you can make a significant difference to the realistic nature of the hair.

1. The first thing to do after receiving your brand new wig is to remove from the packaging and give it a shake. This gets rid of that flat transit effect in an instant.

2. Grab your hair dryer and adjust the setting to the coolest option. Now blow dry your entire wig for a couple of minutes. This separates the synthetic fibres, reducing shine and adding texture.

3. Saturate your wig with that life saving dry shampoo, ensuring you reach every strand. Shake off any excess and gently comb through the wig with your paddle brush. This dramatically reduces shine, adds volume and a lovely smell to your new hair. Baby powder works too!

4. An easy way to double up on this effect and further reduce shine is to paint some translucent powder down each length of hair using a fan brush.

5. If your wig has a visible part line, it is important to customise it to your natural skin colour. This will significantly increase the natural appearance of your wig, making it near impossible to spot that your hair is not 100% real. Always part your natural hair so as the wig parting sits directly on top of your own parting line.

6. With a good pair of tweezers, carefully pluck 1-2 hairs at a time from the part line of your wig. Using this method you can widen and lengthen the line slightly as required. Go slowly and don't overdo it.

7. Using a small angled make up brush, fill in the part line with your every day concealer and set the product with your usual setting powder. The part line will now match your skin colour perfectly, creating a beautifully natural look.

8. Section off the top layer of your wig and with a good pair of scissors, cut 1-2 strands at a time from the bottom layer around the visible edge of the wig, creating very small baby hairs. Comb and separate these strands. If your natural hair is similar to that of your wig, you can pull forward your own baby hairs instead.

9. Take your new wig to your faithful hairdresser for a customised cut that flatters and frames your unique face shape. If you are confident to cut the hair lengths yourself, even better!

Remember that the placement and caring for your wig are just as important in creating a natural look. Check out our Wig Care & Styling Tips for more essential information.

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