A Wig Can Make Or Break Your Selfie

Tips And Tricks To Making Your Wig Look Real In Photos

In a selfie-obsessed world, there’s nothing more annoying than hitting ‘delete’ on that super cute photo you just snapped because your hair ruined the whole thing. Your eyeshadow is on point, your contouring is worthy of a Kardashian and you nailed that perfect, nonchalant smile. BUT your hair just didn’t look how you thought it did. I know right! How does that happen so damn much?

This also of course applies to wigs, with even more niggles you have to worry about, being that the hair is not your own. Unnatural shine, static frizz and dodgy hairlines can all have a devastating effect on your selfie.

No problems here dolls. We have complied a handy list of tips to ensure that your wig never wrecks your polaroid portrait again and always looks good in photos.

Placement, Placement, Placement

Wigs Placement Tips

@solatice_ wears The Rose Gold Angel Lace Front Wig. @mirandavanr wears The Retro Lana Wig.

This cannot be overstated. If you do not place your wig on the head correctly, the eye will be immediately drawn to the catastrophe that is your hairline.

Its natural for the human eye to focus on anything that appears out of place, miss-matched or uneven so it's super important to ensure the wig hairline matches exactly to your own hairline. Go for the Goldilocks effect – not too far back (thus creating a ridge) and not too far forward (this just screams WIG).

Style It Out

Wig Styling Tips For Photos

@isabelle_makeup_ wears The Ocean Dreams Lace Front Wig

It’s really important to style your wig so as it suits your own unique face shape. Applying your new wig straight out of the box is unlikely to achieve the best look.

Get snipping with a decent pair of scissors to create layers around the face or even a full-blown fringe. Use low temperature heating tools to add volume, waves and curls or to create sleek straight hair lengths. Clip sections in place with a trending hair accessory and DO NOT repeat DO NOT forget your parting line.

This is an oversight we see time and time again in many a photo. If your wig comes with a pre-set part it does not mean that it should necessarily sit centrally. If in doubt, check the numerous images of the wig on it’s mannequin head.

Many wigs have been designed to have an off centre part or a deep side part. Wearing the parting line at the centre of your head will often force the hair to fall unnaturally around the hairline.

As for lace front wigs, be sure to place the parting line in a position that is most flattering to your face. It takes an annoyingly special face shape to pull off a dead centre part!

Eliminate Frizz

Make Wigs Look Natural Tips

@lola_von_esche wears The Jessica Rabbit Wig. @real.alterface wears The Amber Dip Dye Wig

How many times have you been impressed with your hair styling skills in the mirror only to be aghast at all those dastardly flyaways that magically appear in your hastily snapped selfie? Those technologically advanced little cameras have the ability to pick up Every. Single. Strand. (Damn you Nikon!)

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to combat any unattractive frizz or wispy wig ends. Spray a blusher brush or toothbrush with hairspray and smooth away the frizz. The difference this simple trick makes can be quite dramatic.

Get The Volume Right

Add Volume To Synthetic Wigs

@misscassiewells wears The Kim K Ombre Wig

The Goldilocks effect comes in to play again when it comes to volume (that greedy squatter is pretty useful when it comes to wigs). Too much volume applied to the hair and your eagle-eyed camera will see through and magnify the smallest of gaps. Too little volume and your wig can look flat and lacklustre.

Gently back-combing the layers underneath and smoothing with the flat side of a comb will most definitely help with adding volume. Dry shampoo also works wonders in adding both volume and texture without going overboard.

Easy Does It With The Hairspray

Natural Tips Wigs For Photos

@isabelle_makeup_ wears The Kylie Green Wig

So, you’ve got your wig sitting pretty, its been styled to perfection and you’re done with adding volume. The temptation is to reach directly for the hairspray and plaster your wig to within an inch of it’s life with that extra hold holy grail of styling products. Nope. The camera no likey.

There is nothing worse than rigid, stiff hair when it comes to photos and your camera will amplify the effect by about 200%. Movement is key and flowing hair lengths look way better than over-styled locks. Restrain yourself and be stingy with your spritzes.

Less Is More

How To Wear A Synthetic Wig

@suzihberry wears The Orange Bombshell Wig

You are more than likely to have fallen deeply in love with your new wig (of course) and are keen to show it off. That’s cool, we love that, but pulling all of the hair forward into a style that Sia would be proud of draws attention to all the wrong places.

Simply tucking one side of the wig behind your ear will open up the face and make the wig instantly appear more natural. The most beautiful selfies feature a well-balanced look with both a gorgeous face and enviable hair.

Light It Up

How To Hair Wigs Look Natural

@simone_cleary wears The Frosted Fancy Lace Front Wig

Wow! This is an important one - probably the most important tip to ensuring your wig looks great in photos.

Synthetic wigs always come with added shine. This is an undeniable fact, no matter how much you pay or which company you purchase from – any synthetic based hair will ALWAYS carry some added shine.

Some shades are more affected than others. Blondes, greys, silvers and block blue and red coloured wigs are usually more prone to shine. Fortunately, this is uber easy to resolve with some simple tweaks. Read How To Make A Wig Look Natural for our full guide.

Using unflattering lighting techniques when photographing your wig will magnify shine ridiculously (another crime we see committed way too much). This is usually the result of a flash, particularly if the camera is very close.

Overhead light will dull the hair while heavy light from the rear will shadow the hair.

The best results come from replicating the most naturally lit environment possible. Soft, full-surround light is ideal (expertly achieved with the use of a ring light) and definitely no wig-vandalising flash!!

Angles Are Everything

Photographing A Wig For Selfies

@billieadele wears The Ruby Moon Lace Front Wig

Our final tip to making your wig look good in photos applies to every snapchat, Insta pic and phone selfie, wig or no wig.

Everyone has their preferred angle. One side of the face randomly seems to photograph much better than the other. A head tilt, eyes to the left, subtle pout or parting of the lips – whatever your preference, go with it, work it, own it. You’ll feel confident and relaxed - resulting in the most flattering of photos.

So now you are fully armed with all the tips to making your wig look amazing in photos - get tagging your stunning selfies with @star.style.wigs.

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