Hair Inspiration From Some Of Our Favourite Movies

How To Style Wigs and Hairpieces With Ease

When it comes to costume themed events and cosplay, there are movie characters who are super easy to mimic. There will never be a problem in getting your hands on a Snow White outfit or an Elsa wig and we can’t see the discontinuation of the Hogwarts robe in our lifetime.

If, however, you are one of those ‘think outside the box’ peops and are more partial to a Human Centipede costume than the Alice In Wonderland outfit, you may want to ask yourself – just how far from the pack have you strayed…?

Just kidding, we are inspired every day by the wonderfully creative, original looks that our customers and social media pals come up with and we’re here to give you a bit of a helping hand.

Some inspiration and examples of how this can work for you;

Mia Wallace's Black Blunt Bob - Pulp Fiction

Mia Wallace Wig Black Bob

A super cool look to recreate for costume and cosplay themes and sure to be easily recognised.

Its uber important to replicate Mia’s hairstyle in order to pull this off and fortunately, it couldn’t be simpler.

The Dark Revolt Bob Wig was inspired by the Pulp Fiction’s straight talking (slightly psycho) lead female with a blunt cut and matching fringe. Use a hair dryer to separate the wig fibres and spritz a helping of dry shampoo. This combination will add texture and volume to the hair, particularly effective when paired with the bloody nose from that scene.

Jenny Curran’s Hippie Hair – Forrest Gump

Jenny Forrest Gump Hippie Hair Cosplay

We’ve seen this Marmite character (we’re still on the fence) paired with the adorable Forrest Gump for couple’s cosplay, a fabulous alternative duo for both movie and decade themed events.

Jenny’s 1960’s hair is relatively quick and easy to replicate with the help of the Blonde Hippie Wig.

Start by creating Jenny’s grown out bangs by cutting up and into the front of the wig between eyebrow and ear level. Don’t stress about it being too neat and you certainly don’t want the lengths to be even.

Add two or three thin, whimsical plaits through the hair lengths and secure the ends with miss-matched hair elastics.

Lastly, add a gorgeous flower crown similar to Jenny’s wreath when she (finally) marries her hero. This beauty from Rock N Roll Soul is ideal.

Diana Prince’s Amazonian Hair – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Hairpiece Cosplay

Gal Gadot made us fall in love with female superheroes all over again thanks to her fierce portrayal of the Wonder Woman character in last year’s movie (the sequel is coming November 2019 – yay!).

The already popular costume and cosplay theme is easy to achieve with the aid of a clever hairpiece. First, match your natural hair colour to one of seven shades from the Hollywood Icon Clip In Hair range.

Section off the top/front part of your hair and secure with clips. Pin up the remaining hair into a low bun, ensuring it is as flat to your head as possible (excess bulk is not cool).

Apply the hairpiece over the bun, remove the sectioning clips and blend this natural hair with your new, Wonder-Woman-style long, wavy lengths. Complete the look with the iconic headband. We love this perfect replica by Mad Masks.

New to hairpiece extensions? Follow our step by step guide to applying a hairpiece here. (If your natural hair is a complete miss-match for the heroine’s dark brown tone, we have you covered with our exclusive Wonder Woman Wig).

Viola de Lesseps’ Princess Hair – Shakespeare In Love

Medieval Princess Hair Wig

Ideal for all those suckers for an epic love story (yep, us too) and easily adapted for Romeo and Juliet, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Pride & Prejudice and, well, basically any highly prized female character found in classic literature that ends up with her ‘prince’. (SPOLIER: Things do not end well for Juliet, she dies at the end).

Begin with the Pixie Crystal Wig, pre-styled with luscious, princess locks and once in place, section off a handful of hair just above the ear at one side. Braid this section in a horizontal motion, adding hair from the crown into the braid after every third ‘cross’ of the hands.

The aim is to use this hair at the top of the wig to hold the braid in place across the back of the head. Tie the end of your completed braid with a hair elastic. Use bobby pins for added security and to prevent the plait from lifting.

Vivian Ward’s Blonde Bob Wig – Pretty Woman

Vivian Pretty Woman Wig

For the brave and the bold. (Google ‘Pretty Woman movie cosplay’ for some brilliant versions of this costume). Ultra quick and easy, similar to the Mia Wallace inspired technique.

Opt for the Blonde Fashion Bob Wig for this iconic movie look and, again, grab your hair dryer and blow out the wig to separate the fibres.

You want the hair to have more of a dirty / worn look. This is Vivian. Vivian didn’t follow the Wig Care Guide, (and on this occasion) be more like Vivian. Add a generous helping of dry shampoo to amp up this effect with texture. Colab Dry Shampoo is our favourite, with it’s glorious odour and absent residue.

Round off the look with the all-important Baker Boy Hat. We love this cap in style Gigi by Mu Du London.

Princess Buttercup’s Hairstyle – The Princess Bride

Princess Buttercup Hair Wig

Ideally paired with the fan favourite’s red robe dress, this regal hairstyle requires a fair bit of time.

Go for a Blonde Lace Front Wig and place on a wig stand or hanger. The entirety of the hair lengths is to be plaited, so the top of the wig needs to be steady and offer resistance.

Work around the wig, plaiting the lengths from ear level in 1-2 inch sections. You want the ends to be slightly disheveled, so no need to tie with elastic and your plaits should not be tight or precisely the same length.

Next, clamp the hair straighteners for a few seconds onto a handful of plaits at a time and repeat as you move down each plait.

Our lace front wigs are heat friendly but always start at the lowest temperature to prevent damage. We recommend The Cloud Nine heating tools that feature neat temperature settings.

Take out your plaits to reveal Princess Buttercup waves!

Now, separate 2 sections above the ear and secure at the nape of the neck with a hair elastic. Loop the ends through the band to create the tiniest, messy bun ever seen. (Our unhealthy obsession with this film comes in handy for things like this). Complete with an embellished crown headband.

Arwen’s Otherworldly Long Wavy Hair – Lord Of The Rings

Arwen Wig Lord Of The Rings

Forget vampires, wizards and werewolves – we want to be Elves and live in forests with talking trees. If you’re a die-hard Lord Of The Rings fan, female characters are few and far between. Our experience, research and general spying tell us that Arwen is the most popular choice from the trilogy when it comes to cosplay and costume themes.

Length and volume are key to achieving this hairstyle and we recommend a colour matching clip in hairpiece from the Sleek Icon range. Once the hairpiece is in place (follow our easy guide to applying a clip in hairpiece here), grab a curling wand and work about your head, wrapping sections of the hair around the barrel.

You want to hold the wand horizontally and twist the hair away from your face to achieve Arwen’s cascading waves. Spritz with hairspray for extra hold.

Add the essential Elven Ears – Mad House Studio FX offer a fantastic range of realistic silicone based prosthetics – and place a section of hair in front of each ear.

Finish the angelic look with a silver headdress. This beautiful version by Refreshing Designs is perfection.

Princess Leia’s Slave Girl Double Plait Hairstyle – Star Wars

Princess Leia Slave Wig

We couldn’t miss off a Star Wars inspired style when it comes to epic movies and with new installments coming thick and fast, the hype is at an all-time high.

Princess Leia will forever be the most iconic female character from the series and for those who would rather avoid the overdone white robe and ‘double bun’ look, it’s pretty easy to replicate her famous ‘slave girl’ hairstyle with one clip in ponytail.

Start by pulling your natural hair up and into a bun. Apply your ponytail hairpiece by placing over the bun and securing with the hair extension clip. Twist the separated strand around the base, tucking the end through the band.

Next, separate the ponytail into 2 halves (top and bottom). Plait the full length of the bottom section, pulling the braid out slightly to create width. Tie the end with an elastic. Create a second plait with the top section, repeating this method.

Now, fashion this second plait into a bun over the base of the first plait. Use bobby pins as you go to secure and flatten the edges.

Lastly, decorate with a Princess Leia style hair slide. This gorgeous piece is by Sky Design.

Be sure to tag us with your movie inspired hairstyles – we love seeing your unique designs.


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