How To Style A Wig With Hair Accessories

Styling Your Wig Has Never Been So Much Fun

Hair accessories are a fab way of embellishing your natural hair, switching up an everyday hairstyle and adding a glam or boho vibe to your look in an instant.

This of course applies to wigs! In fact, hair accessories tend to fare better with a wig. The natural oils that your scalp produces are obvs missing from synthetic hair meaning that clips, grips and bands are more likely to stay exactly where you want them as opposed to slipping and sliding around your barnet.

Applying a nifty hair accessory to your wig not only secures the hair, it can dramatically modify the appearance of the cut of the wig. Its actually super easy to completely change the style of your wig, allowing you to embrace a specific theme or simply feign thought and effort into your style.

Fallen in love with a beautiful wig but not convinced that the cut, part line or bangs will suit your face shape? The right hair accessory can be vital in customising a wig to sit or hang in a fashion that perfectly complements your features.


How To Style A Wig

Cassie wears the Kylie Wig *** Marina wears the Barbie Wig *** Sophie wears the Merida Wig *** Isabelle wears the Fairytale Fantasy Wig *** Hannah wears the Voodoo Wig *** Billie wears the Blue Kylie Wig *** Cassie wears the Khloe Wig *** Cassie wears the Lauren Wig.

Bobby pins and hair bands can be used to style your wig exactly as you would with natural hair. Just ensure that hair elastics have a decent, protective texture covering – thin, cheap hair elastics WILL cause breakages and fray both natural and synthetic hair. This goes for bobby pins too. Any pin that has lost the protective plastic will potentially damage your wig.

Pay attention when separating the wig and ensure there’s enough hair left loose to cover edges and conceal the internal cap. Use a hand held mirror to inspect a 360 view of your finished style.


Isabelle wears the Jessica Rabbit Wig *** Bianca wears the Pink Afro Wig *** Cassie wears the Hippie Wig *** Keziah wears the Nicki Pink Curly Wig *** Isabelle wears the Manic Daffodil Wig ***

Despite what many a glossy magazine may have professed, flower crowns were not invented by Glastonbury festival-goers. The increasingly popular hair wreath accessories date back to ancient Greece where it was customary to wear them to honour the gods. (Radiohead are pretty great but are technically not gods). Fast-forward to the 1960’s and they become more synonymous with peace and love, in sync with the American hippie culture.

Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring/Summer catwalks were awash with flower crowns, cementing the feminine hair trend for the season. This romantic accessory cleverly creates the illusion of volume and adds height to the face (ideal for round and pear shapes).

It also doubles as the perfect ‘concealer’ – hide bangs or sections of your wig underneath the base of the flower crown with pins and clips. Or add a faux fringe by pulling sections of the wig forward and threading underneath the crown.

Check out these stunning flower crown options;

Flower Crowns For Wigs

1. & 2. Lulu In The Sky, 3 & 4. Rouge Pony


How To Wear A Hat With A Wig

Hannah wears the Khloe Wig *** Cassie wears the Barbie Wig *** Cassie wears the Fearne Wig *** Anastasija wears the Pink Fantasy Wig *** Hannah wears the Gaga Wig ***

Every designer from Armani to Dior adorned their models with hats for large portions of their summer collections. The beret trend then gathered some serious steam when every news outlet’s latest obsession (one Meghan Markle) rocked the French beret on two outings.

Venturing into hat territory, no matter the style, always projects an air of confidence and a contemporary or brightly coloured version can absolutely make an outfit.

Ideal for the ‘lazy girl’ when it comes to a wig. Can’t be bothered to perfect your hairline? Haven’t prepared your natural hair for the perfect wig placement? Take inspiration from these wig / hat combo lovers.


Wigs With Space Buns Hairstyle

Cassie wears the Autumn Orange Wig *** Isabelle wears the Lauren Silver Wig *** Isabelle wears the Manic Daffodil Wig *** Cassie wears the Kylie Bubblegum Wig ***

We are more than partial to the uber cool 90’s revival and can’t get enough of the Space Buns style. The tightly wound double buns evoke an edgy and sleek vibe, while the voluminous space buns are the grown-up version of the laid-back ballerina bun.

These additions to your wig are ideal, particularly during the summer festival season as they cleverly combat frizz and add an extra touch of authenticity to synthetic hair.

If you are opting for the full ‘up do’ look with your wig, similar to the beautiful Cassie, be sure to leave strands loose around your entire head, to conceal the edge of the wig.

Cassie wears the Kylie Bubblegum and Autumn Orange Wigs, both of which feature a deep side part. As Cassie’s coveted heart shaped face suits a centre parting, by incorporating the space buns design, the part has been adjusted with ease, dispelling any noticeable uneven hair on one side.


Wig Styling With Butterfly Flower Hair Clips

Bianca wears the Blonde Afro Wig and Pink Afro Wig *** Isabelle wears the Lauren Silver Wig *** Yasmin wears the Mad Hatter Wig *** Isabelle wears the Fairytale Wig ***

How did we ever take a selfie before the invention of snapchat lenses? Whilst we still adore the dog and his oversized tongue, every girl’s favourite filters are flowers and butterflies. We will be eternally grateful to the tech whiz that gifted us the ability to turn our hungover pouts into goddess-like gazes and recreating this effect in real life is everything.

For attention-grabbing Insta pics, performance art or costume themes, apply the snapchat lense look to your wig. With bold block coloured wigs, the effect is truly stunning and photographs beautifully. Go for contrasting shades or colour co-ordinate the hair accessories to the tone of your wig for dynamically different looks.

For the perfect Snapchat Lens effect hair accessories try these awesome brands;

Flower Butterfly Clips Wigs

1. Lulu In The Sky, 2, 3 & 4. Rouge Pony, 5 & 6. Woodland Blossoms


Wigs With Animal Ear Headbands

Petra wears the Pocahontas Wig *** Cassie wears the Hippie Wig *** Sara wears the Jessie Bob Wig ***

Ok, we know this edges more to the costume theme, but animal ears are like, way cool – Ariana Grande made it her thing while Kate Moss, Megan Fox, Taylor Swift, the Olsen twins and Rita Ora have all been papped in these super cute hair additions. Headbands are the easiest, quickest and most low maintenance way of accessorising your wig. Go big and bold for dress up or small and sexy for nights out.

We found the most fabulous animal ear headband and clip-ons. Check these beauties out;

Animal Ear Hair Headbands For Wigs

1. Guardia Lost, 2. Hey Kitsch Kitty, 3.Love From Lily, 4. Lulu In The Sky, 5. EarsEverAfter, 6. Lulu In The Sky

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