How To Wear A Wig And Make It Look Natural

8 Wig Fails To Avoid

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to hair extensions, wigs and makeup – we rocked the whole lowlight / bleach blonde combo and concealer induced nude lips (with the cringey photos to prove it.) Fashions come and go, while trial and error helps us figure out what does and definitely does not look good.

The most common mistakes made with wigs can be easily avoided and side stepping these synthetic hair landmines, (yes, we’re that dramatic), will result in a much more natural looking wig that lasts a whole lot longer.

Notepads at the ready…

1. Wearing Your Wig Straight Out Of The Box

Removing your new wig from the box, placing it straight on your head and feeling disappointed that you’re not instantly the double of Beyonce. Unbelievably, we have seen wig wearers complain that this magical transformation hasn’t happened.

It is always necessary to at least tweak a new wig, as any generic style will not have been designed with your unique shape and features in mind.

Firstly, you should always give a new wig a good shake to bring it to life. This loosens up the fibres and separates the hair. Remember that the wig has been packaged, stored and sat in transit for a time and will need some air circulated through it.

It’s also important to customise the wig to your face shape. Trimming the bangs, feathering the hair lengths, moving or adding a part line, adding texture and volume are all relatively simple steps you can take to manipulate the wig into flattering your face.

It may also be necessary to thin the hair slightly. Lace front wigs in particular are usually quite dense and this style is not suited to all.

How To Wear A Wig And Make It Look Natural - New Wig From Box

Nastia wears this gorgeous purple lace front wig.

2. Wearing The Wig Part Line In The Wrong Place

This one is a little baffling and we continue to be surprised in regards how often we see this.

If your wig has a set parting line, this does not mean that it should be worn in the centre of the head. If in doubt, check the multiple images of the style on the mannequin head.

Some wig designs are based entirely around a dramatic side part. The hair is sewn into the cap so as to encourage root lift or a fringe that sweeps to the side. Wearing the parting line in the dead centre of the head completely changes the intended look of the wig and the hair can appear distorted and lopsided.

Of course, this does not apply to lace front wigs (these allow for the placement of a part line anywhere you like), and some styles look great no mater where the parting sits.

As examples, the Jessica Rabbit Wig and Very Veronica Wig look strange if the part line is worn down the centre of the head.

Wearing A Wig And Making It Look Natural - Part Line

Mira wears the retro ginger wig

3. Wearing Your Wig Too Far Forward

This is an easy wig fail to fix and makes the most dramatic difference.

Consider how having a fringe cut into your hair completely changes the whole look of your face. Bangs can add shape and dimension, take length out of a forehead, soften up a sharp chin or add angles to a round face.

This is all down to the fact that your natural hairline is concealed, thus removing the ‘outline’ and changing the appearance of the shape of the face.

Wearing a wig too far forward, and therefore changing where your natural hairline appears to sit, has the same effect but with not so flattering consequences.

The eye is instinctively drawn to this disproportion and unnaturally shortened forehead.

Ensure that the hairline of your wig sits exactly along your own hairline, millimetre perfect!

How To Wear A Wig And Make It Look Natural - Lace Front Wig Hairline

Yasmin wears this stunning rose gold lace front wig

4. Over Tweezing The Part Line Of Your Wig

One of our recommended wig hacks is to extend both the width and length of the part line by carefully tweezing the hairs. Adding a slightly uneven dimension to the part gives the wig a more natural appearance.

However, getting carried away with the tweezers and plucking too many hairs from the wig will result in unsightly bald patches or an odd looking gap rather than a natural parting. This is unfortunately, quite a common mishap we see and a wig fail that is pretty difficult to rectify.

Always, always tweeze just one or two hairs at a time and keep reviewing your work by placing the wig on your head and observing in a mirror.

How To Wear A Wig - Lace Front Wig Tweeze Part Line

Mili wears the heavenly pastel blue lace front wig

5. Wearing The Part Line Of Your Wig In The Same Place

This one only applies to lace front wigs and if you’re prone to styling your wig frequently.

Brushing the synthetic hair, applying hair straighteners and curling tongs, pulls on the fibre, even by the most gentle of hands. Wearing the part line of the wig in the same place and subjecting the hair to continual styling of this nature can, over time, cause thinning to the scalp area.

This is owing to the fact that the same, thinner strands of hair are being pulled in the same direction over and over.

Change the part line location every so often before styling with hair tools, and give these strands a rest.

How To Wear A Wig  - Lace Front Move Part Line

Isabelle wears this glorious blue lace front wig

6. Brushing Your Wig When It’s Wet

Just the image of this in our minds is painful. Make it stop! Please don’t sentence your wig to death and execute it with a comb!

It may be tempting to ever so carefully brush out that little tangle you spy after washing your wig. Do. Not. Proceed.

Brushing or combing your synthetic wig while wet will cause breakage. Period.

Wait until the wig is completely dry before running your fingers through the hair and gently brushing out any tangles.

How To Wear A Wig And Make It Look Natural - Mistakes To Avoid

Cassie wears this beautiful orange fashion wig

7. Tying Hair Bands Too Tight

A general hair no-no that applies to both human and synthetic hair, with the latter being more prone to damage caused by this mistake.

Tying a hair band too tight and in the same area on multiple occasions will inevitably weaken the hair and potentially lead to significant breakage.

Using a harsh rubber band (ahhh!) or hair tie that has lost its protective covering will likely leave a permanent indentation or visible mark on the wig’s hair lengths.

Don’t tie up the hair as tight as the band will go, and leave some space between the band and the base of the wig.

Always use protective bands. We love the no damage hair ties range by Scunci.

How To Wear A Wig With Hair Bands

Lucii wears the best selling unicorn wig

8. Using Too Much Heat On Your Wig

Thanks to the advances in synthetic hair technology, many wigs can now withstand heat, allowing for the use of flat irons, curlers and wands.

Similar to your natural hair, over styling synthetic hair or using tools set at high temperatures will cause a decidedly lacklustre appearance over time, owing to dry, frizzled locks.

It’s pretty easy to spot an over styled wig, particularly in photographs, and something we, again see all too often.

Synthetic hair does not benefit from heat protectant formulas and it’s therefore important to give your wig a break from heated hair tools. Setting these utensils to a low temperature is just as important.

You’ll find that a synthetic wig styles more easily than natural hair. Creating goddess-like waves with a quick turn of your curling wand is achievable in minutes.

How To Wear A Wig And Make It Look Natural - Heat Styling

Mili wears this dazzling pastel pink lace front wig

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