5 Wig Wearing Essentials

Wig Accessories To Up Your Game

The fantastic quality of synthetic wigs these days means that fooling your many admirers into believing that miracle hair-growth pills really do work and you’re actually a hair colouring genius, is par for the course.

To up your wig game to the next level, a few, simple additions to your wig-wearing routine can make the world of difference to how realistic it appears to all those paparazzi on your tail (or that group-selfie obsessed bff).

These 5 essential wig accessories that may well already play a part in your beauty routine, are low-cost yet amazingly effective in helping to achieve a super natural looking wig and increasing the lifespan of your new hair.

Wig Accessories Wig Caps

1. Wig Cap

We cannot emphasise how super, duper important the wig cap is.

Firstly, it is essential that all those shorter hairs around your forehead and neck aren’t visible – particularly if your wig is a dramatically different colour from your natural hair, if the wig is fringeless, a shorter style or a costume wig styled into an ‘updo’ such as the Elsa Wig and the Mary Poppins Wig. That would be officially classed as a wig fail.

Secondly, it is really important that your natural hair is as flat to your head as possible, as you obvs want your wig to sit evenly on your head minus any lumps and bumps. It’s much easier to spread your natural hair around the head once concealed with a wig cap.

The good news is that if you purchase from our Lace Front Wigs or Premium Princess collections your gift box will include a free wig cap. These uber stretchy, one-size-fits-all caps can be used with any wig and should last for eternity.

Wig Accessories Wig Comb2. Wig Comb

Synthetic wigs are prone to tangling for the same annoying reasons as human hair. Miserable weather, hair fibre rubbing against clothing and careless storage are the most likely tangle triggers.

Always use your fingers to loosen and separate any tight knots first. Now, your utensil of choice does not have to be a speciality wig comb, any wide-tooth comb is perfect. Start from the bottom of the hair and gently work your way up to the crown, using the comb to carefully remove any tangles.

Round brushes, teasing combs, bristle brushes and rattail combs should be avoided as these will either turn the hair lengths of your wig into a frizzy mess or add more tangles.

Never, repeat NEVER comb a wig when it is wet. Your wig will shed quicker than the Whomping Willow Tree on the first day of Winter.

Any purchase from our Premium Princess and Lace Front Wigs collections comes with a free wig comb – and it's pink!

Wig Accessories Spray Bottle

3. Spray Bottle

An extra useful wig accessory that should feature in any wig lover’s toolkit.

The spray bottle will become your can’t-live-without item when it comes to styling your wig. Filled with diluted shampoo, conditioner and fabric softener, the spritz bottle transforms into the magic wand for washing your wig. See our full wig washing guide here. Fill with equal parts water and fabric softener for the ultimate leave-in synthetic hair conditioner. Use cool, clean water as a styling enhancer by spritzing onto the wig and manipulating curls, waves and flyaway ends with your fingers.

You can find this essential wig styling accessory in most supermarkets and beauty stores.

Wig Accessories Storage

4. Hangers

We often spy wig companies recommending that you purchase wig stands or those scary polystyrene heads to store and air-dry your wigs.

It’s true that It can’t be overstated how important it is to protect your wig when not in use. Looking after your synthetic hair can genuinely prolong the life of your wig for months.

In an ideal world we would all live in mansions with rooms dedicated solely to shoes, makeup, bags, wigs (and puppies, definitely puppies). Until our dreams come true, wig stands and heads are not the most practical methods of storing wigs, particularly as your collection grows.

Opt instead for a coat hanger with clips and hang wigs in your wardrobe by turning your wig inside out and attaching the clip(s) to the internal adjustable strap.

For those with an extensive wig collection, an over-the-door-shoe rack doubles as the perfect wig storage unit. Choose a U-Shaped prong style rack and place your wigs the right way up, one to each prong.

Arrange the hairpieces in a colour chart effect for a super stylish twist to your décor!

Wig Accessories Dry Shampoo Styling

5. Dry Shampoo

Whoever invented dry shampoo deserves a big, shiny medal. She’s saved us precious time on the mornings we’ve slept in, kept our locks looking fresh throughout entire festival weekends and devised the most effective way to reduce shine in synthetic wigs.

Applying a generous amount of this miracle-working beauty must-have to synthetic hair not only decreases the excess shine, it also adds a human-hair like texture to the lengths.

We’ve experimented with many versions of this wonder product, including famous hairdresser branded sprays but we’re yet to find any as good as the original Batiste Dry Shampoo. Now available in an extended range of shades and fragrances, our favourite being Rose Gold and the eternally popular coconutty Tropical flavour.

Check out our Wig Tips and Info page for more tricks and hacks, ideal for wig-wearing newbies.

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