World Book Day Ideas For Teachers And Adults

Get In Character To Inspire The Class

World Book Day, arguably the most imaginative annual charity event held in the UK and Ireland, will soon be upon us. Kids get to decree their favourite book character and parents have the fun job of putting together a pre-approved costume, usually having to meet some pretty high standards. (We feel the pain of the mum whose little one insisted on attending as ‘Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell.’)

For teachers, the choice is perhaps a little more limited with the necessity of adhering to ‘age appropriate’ attire being a major consideration. Stephen King’s Pennywise or Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander are probably not the wisest of options – although we’re still on the fence when it comes to both Gollum and The Child Catcher. (Please send pictures if either of these villains make the cut for your World Book Day 2024 outfit.)

If you’re determined to be more organised than the forgetful Dad who sent his children to school as pages from the Argos catalogue, take some inspiration from our customised list of World Book Day Ideas For Teachers:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Character Wigs UK

Transform PE into Potions Class or Design & Technology into Defence Against the Dark Arts by opting for a Harry Potter themed costume. Whether you’re Team Harry or Team Voldemort, instant recognition is guaranteed. Perform a couple of spells and rehearsed chants to really freak out the class.

The uber talented face and body paint artist Simone Cleary transformed herself into 3 ‘alternative’ Harry Potter characters, all relatively easy to replicate for World Book Day. (The characters, not the intricately designed body paint!) Simone wears the Dolores Umbridge Wig to complete the cruelest of Hogwarts teacher’s ensemble. Head-to-toe pink, teacup and saucer and cat adorned jewellery is your go-to get up.

The long ginger wig pictured is ideal for the Ginny Weasley character. A Hogwarts robe is essential while the Quidditch–worthy broomstick is optional.

Our favourite, oft-forgotten Harry Potter alternative character has to be Moaning Myrtle. Greyed uniform, matching translucent skin in an attractive shade of death, plus a pair of round frames does the trick. Simone cleverly reproduced the school girl style pigtails using the versatile clip in half wig hairpiece in shade ‘Brunette Is Best’.

Adult Hermione Granger Wig UK

Modelled by Simone and Gisel.

The eternally loved Hermione Granger character will always be a favourite among the kids and her distinctively messy ‘un-done’ hairstyle has been replicated in detail to create the Adult Hermione Granger Wig.

Bellatrix Lestrange Wig UK

Modelled by Gisel.

Probably the most entertaining witch to impersonate from the Harry Potter world. The heinous Bellatrix Lestrange is ideal for any teacher looking to embrace a big character for World Book Day, and really have some fun in class. All black, or the quirky Azkaban jumpsuit, a Bellatrix Lestrange Wig and a short temper are mandatory.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland Character Wigs UK

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Lewis Carroll’s classic. Villains, heroes, plus a weird and wonderful supporting cast provide plenty of options, with both traditional and modern Wonderland themed costumes widely available.

The bright and bold Mad Hatter is a popular choice for lovers of colour and creativity. Two such artists, Simone and Yasmin finished off their beautiful interpretations with the female Mad Hatter wig.

Makeup wiz Nastia wears the long blonde lace front wig to complete her Alice In Wonderland costume.

Looking for some help with your Wonderland themed makeup? Check out Courtney Little’s YouTube channel for a full series of tutorials.

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Wizard Of Oz Character Wigs UK

The innocent protagonist from the beloved story will always be a popular choice for World Book Day. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, there is an array of eccentric characters to consider including flying monkeys, witches of both evil and virtuous persuasions, and of course Dorothy’s main squad.

Petra wears the Dolly Wig to complete her super sweet Scarecrow look and Kim’s impressive lion design features the blonde curly afro wig.

Fairytale Princess

Disney Princess Cosplay Wigs UK

Any of the classic fairy tale princess characters make a great pick, particularly for infant classes. Embrace full on princess attire for a day, a far cry from the everyday pantsuit and flats combo, and behold a class of the best-behaved children in the kingdom, enchanted by the presence of a real-life princess! (We do not make any guarantees about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.)

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - Cassie wears the Princess Jasmine Wig.

Beauty and the Beast - Cassie wears the Princess Belle Wig, Simone wears the Village Belle Wig.

Cinderella - Cassie wears the Cinderella Wig.

The Little Mermaid - Jules wears the Ariel Wig.

Snow White - Anna wears the Snow White Wig.

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil Wig UK

Elly wears the Cruella De Vil Wig

Cruella de Vil - A true villain with plenty of versatility in regards outfit choice. Easy to put together at home using a monochrome colour scheme and some faux fur accessories. Screaming ‘I want those puppies’ all day might be kind of fun too.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

World Book Day Ideas For Teachers and Adults

Mrs. Lovett – The perfect excuse for English Literature and History teachers to clarify the eponymous character’s Dickens origin, and the fact that Sweeney Todd is most definitely not a real life historical figure, right…?

Another miscreant portrayed brilliantly on the big screen by Helena Bonham Carter and reimagined spectacularly by Giulia. The photo artist featured the long red crimped wig and fabulously creepy, severed finger meat pies by Lady Scream.

The Great Gatsby

Flapper Wig Blonde UK

Daisy Buchanan – Ranked impressively at number 4 on the ‘Greatest Books Of All Time’ list, The Great Gatsby serves as ample justification to break out the tassels and sequins. The leading lady may be a rather hateful character, quite literally a weed, but she certainly has style!

Julia wears the 1920s blonde flapper wig.

Peter Pan

Tinker Bell Cosplay Wig UK

Tinker Bell Wig

Tinker Bell - Convince a class of little ones that you are in fact a magical being armed with a wand and pixie dust. The ability to transform ‘learning time’ into ‘play time’ is at your disposal, while the amount of homework can be magically halved (or doubled). A well-rehearsed explanation as to the absent flying skills is recommended.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Wig UK

Via Instagram / @lopes_designer

Undoubtedly a favoured pick for World Book Day owing to the success of the recent film sequel, Mary Poppins is the practically perfect choice in every way.

The more traditional outfits have been picked up by the supermarkets and online costume stores, offered at a pretty reasonable price and our Mary Poppins Wig has been designed with precise detailing, depicting the ‘up-do’ hairstyle of the most famous British nanny impeccably. Don’t forget the all-important talking umbrella, - we've spied several budget replicas on Amazon and EBay.

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