Caring For Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs have become a fabulous go-to for anyone looking to switch up their hairstyle without the commitment or expense of human hair. Those luscious locks are going to be your best friend for achieving an amazing look without spending a fortune. But just like any good friendship, your wig needs a little TLC to keep that fresh-out-the-box vibe going strong. Don't sweat it though, we have some easy and effective ways to care for your synthetic wigs, ensuring they stay fresh, fabulous, and ready to wear for any occasion.

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Preparation

1. Before you rock your new synthetic wig, a little prep work goes a long way. Straight out of the packaging, those luscious strands can look a bit flat and lifeless. No worries, just grab your trusty hairdryer and give those locks a quick blast on a low, cool setting to loosen and separate the fibres. This also adds volume and movement.

2. Next, spritz on a light-hold hairspray – this will help with our next tip…

3. Dust on a veil of setting powder or dry shampoo to cut down any ‘new wig’ excess shine. (The hairspray will act as a base for the powder / dry shampoo to grab onto). Hey presto! Your wig is ready to seamlessly blend with your glam persona.

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Placement

4. Now for the main event - getting that gorgeous wig situated just right on your head. You'll want to handle those synthetic strands with a gentle touch to keep them looking their best. Start by gripping the wig at the upper edges and carefully pulling it onto your head from front to back. Go slowly and make little adjustments as needed to get it sitting smoothly and securely. Don't tug or stretch the cap too much, or you could mess up the shape. Once it's in place, use the heel of your hands to smooth and blend for a natural, seamless finish – ensuring the hairline of the wig aligns precisely with your natural hairline. With a few deft adjustments, that synthetic stunner will be melting right into your look.

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Curly Wigs

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Afro Wigs

5. Curly synthetic wigs deserve a little extra TLC to keep those charming ringlets looking their best. The key is working with the curl pattern, not against it. Instead of brushing, which can make curls go frizzy, use your fingers to gently separate and fluff the curls. You can also spritz on a curl reviver or lightweight mousse to reactivate and reshape the curls as needed. When it's time for a little R&R, place the wig on a hanger and hang upside down or place it on a wig stand to maintain that beautiful curl pattern. With just a bit of curl-loving care, your pretty ringlets will be poppin'!

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair

6. Hot Tool How-To

It is safe to mist/ dampen synthetic hair before styling.

A hot brush on a warm setting will get the job done of straightening or smoothing hair fast.

A clothing steamer and a fine tooth comb is another effective way to smooth the fibres.

An advanced method of smoothing that maintains curls/waves instead of straightening the hair, is a hot comb set to around 100C and carefully running it through the hair while supporting the curls.

For sleek, straight lengths, a straightening iron (start on a cool setting and work up) and a fine tooth comb will revive frizzy or tired fibres. Place the comb next to the flat iron and run it through the hair so as it passes through the comb first, followed by the flat iron. This method is time consuming but the most effective. Ideal for perfectionists!

Rollers of any size and steam can be combined to create curls. Best results come from placing a heat safe bag overtop and allowing the steam to gather inside for a few minutes. Let the hair cool before undoing the rollers.

Curling irons in barrel rod styles work well (clamp versions can cause creases in synthetic hair.) Just like human hair, how you apply / wrap the iron can change the curl pattern. However, unlike its human counterpart, synthetic heat friendly hair requires heating for only a few seconds and then cooled before the curl is released. This can be achieved by holding the curl or wave in your hand, waiting for it to cool and then releasing it. Perhaps a little time consuming to style an entire head of hair, but can be a preferred method for better control over the results, as well as a great choice for touching up styles that are falling a little limp.

You can definitely bust out that hot air brush for a quick style sesh, but don't expect it to work its magic quite the same way. Styling synthetic wigs requires a slightly different approach compared to human hair. The trick is to hit areas with warm air followed by cool air for it to set a style successfully.

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Detangling Synthetic Hair

7. Even the most well-behaved synthetic wigs can get a little tangled from time to time - it's just part of the game. But don't be tempted to reach for a bristle brush! It will only make matters worse by roughing up those delicate fibres. Instead, grab a wide-toothed comb and, starting from the bottom, gently work out any knots by separating the hair bit by bit with your fingers first. Once you've loosened up the worst offenders, you can start combing through slowly and carefully from the ends upward. Use a spritz of fabric conditioner or detangler if needed to ease the process. A little patience goes a long way here - tug too hard and you risk damaging those gorgeous tresses. With some TLC, you'll get that wig freed up and back to silky, tangle-free perfection!

Caring For Synthetic Wigs - Storage Of Wigs

8. If you want your synthetic hair bestie to keep looking flawless, proper storage is an absolute must. These babies are divas that need the royal treatment when not in use. Start by gently brushing or finger-combing the wig to remove any shed hairs or tangles. Then, turn the wig inside out and hang from a clothes hanger in a closet. Alternatively, tuck your pretties away in a cool, dry place away from bright light and humidity. With a little love between wears, your synthetic stunners will be ready to seamlessly slay whenever you need them.

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