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Common Misconceptions About Wearing Wigs

Lets get straight into busting the most common myths about wigs. Mind will = BLOWN!

Everyone Will Know You’re Wearing A Wig

This appears to be the biggest fear of virgin wig-wearers and we totally get why.

Will People Know You Wear A Wig

Advances in wig construction over the years have ensured that, with the correct application, a wig should be virtually undetectable.

The premium synthetic fibres used in good quality wigs have been developed to feel and flow just like human hair. Wefted wig caps and skin top part lines have been developed to create the appearance of hair growing from the scalp, enhancing the natural flow of each strand.

Red carpet appearances, music videos and Instagram selfies regularly feature a host of celebrities who are renowned for their love of wigs. The ever-changing and dramatically different hairstyles sported by stars including Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Zendaya, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Rihanna have, more often than not, been attributed to an edgy wig.

We get that your weekly shopping list doesn’t likely include a custom Ferrari or the latest Birkin Bag (oh to be a Kardashian) but you genuinely don’t have to shell out serious dollar to achieve an A-Lister worthy, ultra realistic look.

Guide To Making Wigs Look Natural

Nail the 3 ‘Ps’ - Preparation, Placement, Personalisation – and your wig will be indistinguishable from a natural head of hair.

Preparation – Ensure all natural hair is pulled back in a wig cap and made as flat to the head as possible. Lumps, bumps or an unnaturally shaped scalp are dead giveaways.

Placement – It is essential to line up the wig’s hairline with your own. The most expensive wig ever designed will look utterly fake if it is worn too far forward on the head!

Personalisation – Use combs, clips, heating tools, sprays and scissors to style your wig so as it suits your unique face shape. The smallest of tweaks to a generic design will enhance the authenticity significantly.

Wearing A Wig Will Stop Your Natural Hair From Growing

Do Wigs Make You Bald

We’re not sure where this wig myth originated and it is categorically one big, fat untruth. Hair follicles are not affected in the slightest whilst wearing a wig and will continue to function perfectly normally. To prevent hair static and potential breakage, be sure to wear a wig cap to protect your natural hair from rubbing against the base of the wig.

Wigs Are Uncomfortable, Hot & Itchy

Are Wigs Itchy?

There are a few things that COULD cause a wig to become uncomfortable, 2 of which are easily resolved with the use of the multipurpose wig cap.

Firstly, if the ends of your natural hair are not tucked away behind a cap, they can poke into your scalp and cause irritation.

A build up of the natural oils produced by the scalp that permeate through the hair could occur inside the wig with prolonged use. Your wig cap acts as a barrier against these oils, preventing a build up and keeping the base of the wig fresh and clean.

The majority of quality wigs will be constructed from a breathable cap, specifically designed for maximum comfort. Strips, more commonly referred to as ‘wefts’, of hair are sewn in sections along the internal cap, creating an ‘openness’ to the base. This not only encourages air circulation throughout the entire cap, but also means that the base of the wig is super flexible and lightweight – you can literally scrunch it up in the palm of your hand. No stiffness, no weight, no irritation.

Lace Front Wig Cap

Wigs Are High Maintenance

We routinely hear from customers that the exact opposite to this wig myth is in fact the case. One of the benefits of a synthetic wig is that it never loses the style (unless you actively change it). This eliminates the hassle of regular colouring, curling, straightening and generally manipulating your hair so as it sits and looks exactly right before running out the door (most likely minutes or hours late).

Synthetic wigs do not need to be washed very often and the process is pretty simple. Read our guide to washing a wig here.

Storing your wig in it’s box or on a hanger while not in use, applying sprays to combat frizz and gently brushing through the hair lengths with a wide tooth comb after every outing is pretty much all you need to worry about in regards maintenance.

To revitalise a wig that has been worn multiple times and is suffering from neglect (hey, we’ve been guilty of it too after a heavy night) there’s a Hogwarts worthy magic potion that we credit with completely transforming the most disheveled of wigs into a ‘like new’ condition. Ok, the ingredients aren’t that magic but the results most definitely are: Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and fabric conditioner, spritz onto your wig and leave over night.

Bright and bold coloured hair, pretty pastel locks, subtle ombre lengths and even perfectly trimmed bangs can be incredibly difficult, damaging, pricey and time consuming to maintain (particularly as the trends change so damn quickly). Switching between significantly different hairstyles can be achieved in minutes by the wise wig wearer.

Different Style Lace Front Wigs

(@isabelle_makeup_ wears the Jessie Dip Dye Wig and the Manic Daffodil Lace Front Wig)

Wigs Are Not Versatile When It Comes To Styling

So.Not.True. As explained, a pre-styled synthetic wig = zero styling hassle but if you are feeling creative and want a change, there are numerous ways to modify the style and look of your wig.

The quickest, yet highly effective way of changing the design of your wig is to move the part line. This is easily achieved with a lace front wig by creating the part with a comb (as you would your natural hair) and using a hairdryer to flatten and set the surrounding strands. A lace front wig also allows for the hair lengths to be pulled back and away from the face. Add ponytails, braids and top knots or arrange the hair into a ‘half up, half down’ do.

Blue Lace Front Wig

(@isabelle_makeup_ wears the Ocean Dreams Lace Front Wig)

Switch up your wavy wig for a smooth, sleek look with a flat iron, use wands and rollers to add beach waves or princess curls to your straight wig.

For special occasions, festivals and exceptional selfies check out our guide to adding hair accessories to wigs.

The Wig Will Fall Off

Will A Wig Fall Off

No, nope, negative.

Huge gusts of wind, partaking in the latest dance craze, bending over, performing a diva-style hair flip – none of these things will encourage your wig to shift even remotely.

Wearing a wig cap will ensure that the wig doesn’t slip and slide against your natural hair plus all of our wigs feature adjustable straps (similar to a bra strap) that will tighten the wig to fit a child size head if required.

The wig base actually moulds to the shape of your head, owing to the flexible and breathable nature of the cap.

Our lace front wigs boast added hair combs to keep the all-important hairline in place and if you could be described as suffering from a touch of paranoia, a couple of bobby pins behind the ear or some extra hold gel at the underside of the lace will give you piece of mind.

Human Hair Wigs Are Better Than Synthetic Wigs

It is pretty widely accepted that both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their advantages.

Human hair wigs can obviously be maintained exactly as your natural hair. Washing, styling, brushing and drying these wigs involve the same process and the same products, and the look and feel is beautifully natural.

Just like your own hair, over time and with continued styling, human hair wigs tend to become dry and brittle. (That silky, lustrous feel achieved with the aid of a silicone coating applied to the hair by the manufacturer, disappears after the first wash.) This time frame is shortened quite considerably for cheaper human hair wigs. Long lasting human wigs are going to set you back several hundred if not thousands of your hard earned pounds.

Bright or pastel coloured human hair will of course have to be dyed – upping the cost and shortening the life span due to the initial treatment.

On the flipside, synthetic wigs require a gentler hand when it comes to washing and styling, however synthetic hair is more lightweight and cooler than the human kind.

Manmade wig fibre is available in every colour imaginable and will never loose the vivacity of the shade.

The popularity of synthetic wigs has inspired a vast improvement in the quality of the fibre used, so much so that good quality synthetic hair feels and flows as if it were the real thing.

Lastly, the best synthetic wigs cost a fraction of the price of human hair wigs. Ideally, switch between multiple synthetic wigs to increase their longevity and decrease your own boredom!

You Can’t Use Heat On Synthetic Wigs

Can You Use Heat On Synthetic Wigs

This is true for some styles, usually if the wig is made from Kanekalon. This synthetic fibre is super silky and gorgeously soft but it does descend from a form of plastic, and plastic melts. Having said this, we have used heating tools on Kanekalon hair without issue.

The trick is to use the coolest temperature possible and don’t hold the ceramic plate or wand on the hair for too long. We recommend performing a strand test and be aware that Kanekalon will not respond in the same manner as human hair. Tight, ringlet curls will be hard to achieve. Using steam to straighten the hair or rollers to add a wave will work too.

‘Heat Friendly’ or ‘Heat Resistant’ synthetic hair is just that, meaning you can style the wig with any heated tool. Again, its best to start on a low temperature to avoid that over processed look resulting from heat damage. Look for the or on the ‘details’ tab of each of our styles to determine whether the wig is heat friendly.

Wigs Are Only For Dress Up

Amazingly, there is still a percentage of people who have no idea that their fave celebs are rocking wigs daily and that the picture they presented to the hairdresser is not natural hair.

Kylie Jenner Hair Blonde Wig

The popularity of everyday fashion wigs has exploded of late and full wigs are becoming just as sought-after as the well-established hair extensions and clip in ponytails.

The one-piece hair addition means no fiddling, no need to blend and no worries in regards colour matching – you don’t even need to have clean hair! (Hey, we’re busy)

Our costume wigs are well known for their quality, owing to the fact that we use the same premium fibre for both fashion and character wigs. If Princess Jasmine’s animated hairstyle suddenly becomes all the rage, the Jasmine Wig is designed to the same standard as our fashion wigs and will last just as long.

Pink Lace Front Wig White Costume Wig

(@reallymili wears the Pastel Pink Angel Lace Front Wig, @artbeautychaos wears the White Cotton Candy Wig)

Any wig myths we’ve not covered that have you confused? Let us know on Facebook and we’ll be happy to confirm or debunk.


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