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Bob Wigs Are Having A Moment

We’re only a few months into 2023 and already spoilt for choice when it comes to selfie-worthy hair trends, and it’s fair to say that nothing has outshone them all quite like the bob. The cropped cut might be intimidating, but it’s a classic for a reason and can be experimented with in the form of a beautiful bob wig!

Due in part to fashion leaders Zendaya, Jessica Alba, Lucy Boynton, Jennifer Lawrence, Hailey Bieber and Beyonce, opting for the chop, countless iterations of the bob have made their way into the mainstream of late.

Going chin-length is instantly attention-grabbing and puts all the focus on your face (perfect for creative makeup artists.) Blunt bob wigs are especially having a moment right now, but there are plenty of variations and styling options to choose from depending on your comfort level and face shape.

Face shapes play a big part in fringe, face framing and bobs – so first consider your own face shape. For instance, if you have a round or pear shape, is a shorter bob wig going to elongate your face and help give it balance, or is it going to make your face look more round than you would like? If you do have a more round face, you may want the bob wig to be a little longer to elongate your face shape and give it that balance.

Check out our guide to the trending bob wigs and their styling options:

Boyfriend Bob Wig - A totally chic and stylish cut, perfect for those looking for something super on-trend and cool, and all the while sophisticated. The baseline is horizontal, with the length varying between the chin and mid of the neck. When it comes to styling, it’s perfect for a straight sleek polished look or a wavy edgy style with bangs.

Boyfriend Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Sky Blue Rebel Lace Front, Lilac Rebel Lace Front, Coral Blitz, Pink Rebel Lace Front, Arctic Blitz

For a mega contemporary finish, a cropped version with some choppy layers = Bob meets Pixie (or the hybrid Bixie, if you will.) This style also looks beautiful paired with a fringe.

Pixie Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Sinful Whisper and Fickle Whisper

Box Bob Wig - Recently sported by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kristen Bell and Christina Ricci, it is an iteration of the classic bob style with added texture and fullness.

Box Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Fruity Fling, Cheeky Fling, Film Star Fling, Blonde Revolt, Cream Tease

Rounded Bob Wig - A rounded bob wig is wonderfully versatile, as it flatters nearly every face shape and encapsulates that retro cool look. Those with longer faces suit full bangs to shorten the face, while rounder faces will suit it being longer in the front to add length.

Round Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Marmalade Tease, Film Star Fling, Cream Tease, Fandango Fling, Dark Revolt

Power Bob Wig – A one length bob embracing the weight and having minimal texture. Typically, the sharp cut is paired with a crisp middle part or some blunt bangs.

Power Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Dark Revolt, Neon Acid, Picnic Acid

Messy Bob Wig - Choppy layers, shaggy cuts, wolf cuts, and blunt bobs are just some of the messy cuts and styles that can work for every face shape. It’s all about making styles look effortlessly put together, leaving pieces of hair loose around the front of the face and adding volume to the top of the head to create a tousled and windswept look.

Messy Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Deep Crush, Taffy Blitz, Marmalade Tease, Spring Crush

Chopped Bob Wig – A mid length shaggy style with all the emphasis on the choppy layering with no real outline shape.

Choppy Bob Wigs

Wigs featured: Secret Crush, Cyber Crush, Taffy Blitz, Inky Blitz, Spring Crush

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