It's Killer Clown Season!

Clown Wigs + Makeup Inspo From The Pros = Halloween Sorted.

The spookiest day of the year wouldn’t be the same without a scary clown or twenty, and Hollywood seems intent on sprouting ever more cases of Coulrophobia. Killer clowns have been the villain of choice in many a film these past few years and we’re totally here for them.

The creepy clown theme is conveniently perfect for awakening your creativity. The entire spectrum of colours is available to choose from when it comes to makeup and costume choice, while the decision to go with subtly sinister, blood crazed killer or somewhere in between is an entirely personal one. The range of clown wigs on hand to complete your outfit also allows for free rein in accentuating the drama or adding a feminine twist.

Lucky for us, some of our favourite makeup artists have been sharing their incredible creepy clown makeup looks completed by the perfect clown wig.

Ample inspiration incoming…

Dark And Deadly

Diving straight in to full on creepy clown with intricate makeup designs and matching clown wigs that both complement the mood and make that face art pop!

Clown Wigs Scary Clown Makeup

@sara_strange_art wears the Dark Revolt Wig. @makeupart_byjulie wears the Sinful Whisper Wig. @simone_cleary wears the Miss Mad Hatter Wig. @pigeon_pie_art wears the Merida Brave Wig. @samshineart wears the Morticia Wig.

Pretty Creepy

These clowns will lure you in with their delicate charm before claiming you as their first victim. Discernable killer clown vibes with a ‘soft girl’ twist using pastel wigs for an unmistakable feminine touch.

Clown Wigs Creepy Cute Clown Makeup

Freya wears the Pink Fairytale Fantasy Wig. @lola_von_esche wears the XL Pink Afro Wig. @artbeautychaos wears the Miss Cotton Candy Wig. @isabelle_makeup_ wears the Green Lauren Wig.

Clown Wigs For Women

Sarah wears the XL Pink Afro Wig. @sara_strange_art wears the Green Lauren Wig and Wilde Pastel Pink Wig.

Grey Area

Ghoul Queen Elly Supalo’s favourite wig is her beloved Stargazer Lace Front. The silver grey hair lengths and natural brown roots combine to create the perfect accent to many a horror themed look. No surprise her fabulous creepy clown designs utilised this Halloween favourite for that definitively ‘dead’ accent.

Clown Wig Lace Front

Not Clown – ‘Joker’

The original villainous clown, reimagined in many forms and a fan favourite costume throughout the year. Heath Ledger’s take on the character is immortal and still lingers in today’s culture, while Joaquin Phoenix’s eerily hypnotic turn as the clown-for-hire brought back the amateur makeup and a whole lot of darkness. The sinister scale is a broad one, allowing for a host of different replications partnered with our Miss Joker Wig. This piece has been specifically designed for those wishing to create their take on one of the most famous villains in pop culture.

Clown Wigs Green The Joker

IT’s The Dancing Clown

Probably the most infamous of clowns, certainly of the scary variety and cemented eternally into Halloween culture. Pennywise will forever have a place in our nightmares and on the list of most replicated looks for spooky season.

Pennywise Clown Wigs For Women

Simone wears the Autumn Orange Wig. Kim wears the Christina Wig.

Classic Comic

If blood, gore and serial killing aren’t really your thing, the more traditional, less murderous circus performer clown still makes a great option for any costume party. Go sweet and soft with a pastel palette or bold and bright with the help of an audacious clown wig.

Clown Wigs For Halloween

Kesia wears the Troll Wig and XL Purple Afro Wig. @visiblejune wears the Diamond Doll Wig.

Clown Wigs Halloween Costume

@suezochan wears the Unicorn Rainbow Wig. @yellbub wears the XL Blue Afro Wig. Kesia wears the XL Purple Afro Wig.

Moody Mime

Not a fan of colourful costumes, preferring a more refined look? The clown theme doesn’t insist on vivid brights and loud makeup. For a toned-down, chic take on the trend we love this dark and moody interpretation by @hazzatumbo that still brings all the drama thanks to her extra long clown wig of choice.

Clown Wig Extra Long

Carla wears the Renaissance Wig.

Check out our costume wigs section to find the perfect clown wig for your next circus / maniac themed look.

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