Colourful Wigs Were Invented For This Year’s Biggest Trend: Dopamine Colour

Colourful Wigs And The Dopamine Colour Trend

The word on the street is that dopamine colour will be a key trend for spring / summer 2023 and we’ll see lots of pastels – think pinks, lilacs, corals and peach, teamed with bright clothing. In truth, we have never needed an excuse to don a colourful wig and we’re certainly on board with the dopamine effect…

Colourful Wigs Fashion

Creating fun, glamour and fantasy in both digital and physical spaces is essential. Colour evokes different feelings in us; with these turbulent times, choosing colours that inspire and create a feeling of wellbeing will be key this year.

Colourful Wigs Yellow

Wigs featured: Mustard Breeze Lace Front, Cyber Crush and Manic Daffodil Lace Front

The dynamism of bright colours encourages play with proportions and tactile experimentation that stretches the imagination and encourages creativity.

Colourful Wigs Green

Wigs featured: Poison Pop, Sour Floss Lace Front and Lime Pop

Dopamine colour will be the spring/summer buzzword. It’s all about colouring that lifts the spirit, colouring and styling that is good for the soul.

Colourful Wigs Pink

Wigs featured: Flamingo Fizz, Cupcake Doll, Sweet Floss Lace Front and Sugar Blush Lace Front

Have you ever thought why colour creates certain feelings inside of you? Some colours make you feel sad – they remind you of a time or place, whilst others lift your spirits and bring joy.

Colourful Wigs Purple

Wigs featured: Lilac Angel Lace Front, Candy Doll and Mauve Mood Lace Front

Trend alert: Bright, contrasting colours sitting side by side, giving definition to the hair, and layering of colours in workable palettes, helping to contour the style.

Colourful Wigs Multicoloured

Wigs featured: Pastel Beehive, Sherbet Swirl Lace Front, Tropic Dazzler Lace Front and Unicorn Rainbow

Summer 2023 is set to be colourful, vibrant, cheeky, edgy and fun, with dopamine colour taking centre stage. Styles will have an urban feel – they will be edgy – but easy to maintain.

Colourful Wigs Peach

Wigs featured: Coral Blitz and Extra Large Peach Afro

A colourful wig is perfect for boosting confidence and a feeling of wellbeing, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint.

Colourful Wigs Blue

Wigs featured: Baby Doll, Kylie Blue and Arctic Blitz

Here’s hoping our selection of colourful wigs sparks some joy this year.

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