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Copper Wigs To Suit Every Skin Tone.

It’s official - copper hair trends aren’t going anywhere soon and are heavily tipped to be in demand for 2023.

Last year celebrities including Sydney Sweeney and Phoebe Dynevor were seen sporting warm red locks, and to the delight of many, Julia Roberts brought back her iconic 90s copper hair this year. It became a social media talking point when Kendall Jenner made the transformation to a copper-auburn shade in late 2022, and devoted followers of fashion swiftly followed suit.

Copper Wigs Lace Front

Enter our ever-expanding collection of copper wigs – the best selling shades year round. From bright orange to tiger blonde, we’ve got you covered with all the different colours of the copper rainbow, noting that colours are not one shade suits all.

Bold copper reds may (still) be stealing the spotlight this season, but if you’d prefer to steer away from these colours whilst staying on trend, the key is to keep to warm tones when choosing a wig.

Warm Copper Wigs

Cassie wears the Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig in shade Red Wine. Isabelle wears the Copper Leaf Lace Front Wig mixing copper blonde and ginger tones. Mira wears the Retro Lana Wig in shade Warm Ginger.

No colour can compete with red for its powerful mood enhancing qualities, but opting for the most flattering of shades to suit your skin tone is important. A combination of warm and cool tones means the end result is more muted – and most importantly, it is a lot more accessible for both cool and warm skin tones.

Copper Wigs Fashion

Amy and Greta wear the Miss Kitty Wig in a clever mix of red wine and light copper shades. Julia wears the Very Veronica Wig that combines red wine and copper blonde. Karina and Greta wear the Rosie Bombshell Wig in a heavenly concoction of copper blonde and warm ginger.

Girl-next-door-copper - This trend is about keeping the wig natural looking, light reflective, and not too bold.

Natural Copper Wigs

Copper cuties wear the Fire Breeze Lace Front Wig, the Cocoa Passion Wig, the Blazing Breeze Lace Front Wig and the Retro Rita Wig.

Tiger blonde is the copper shade that’s growing momentum. This is the colour for those scared of intense orange tones. For those that want more warmth, this is the ideal time to upgrade from blonde to peach for a soft copper tone. The perfect way to introduce copper, without veering into ginger and red.

Tiger Blonde Copper Wigs

Wigs Featured: Extra Large Peach Afro and Coral Blitz.

Pale skin with cool undertones and red hair are a natural combination.

Copper Wigs Natural Styles

Daria wears the Vintage Vixen Lace Front Wig. Polette wears the Marmalade Tease Wig.

… however medium to dark skin tones with warm undertones can also make this colour work for them by opting for a bold, more fiery shade.

Copper Wigs Dark Skin

Kali wears the Marmalade Tease and Very Veronica Wigs.

Vibrant shades can also work well for pale complexions – if your goal is to appear even paler.

Copper Wigs Pale Skin

Sasha wears the Dixie Doll Wig. Lucci wears the Marmalade Tease Wig.

A copper wig can work for everybody. Still not convinced? Opt for a dip dye or ombre design with copper tones sitting off the skin and through the hair length ends.

Copper Wigs Ombre

Angelica wears the Burnt Brulee Wig, Cassie wears the Auburn Flame Wig, Isabelle and Mary wears the Jessie Wig and Milk wears the Cinnamon Spice Lace Front Wig.

The key success of going for a copper wig is that there is a shade variant to suit all skin tones, with cooler or warmer coppers and the depths of the copper that coordinate to suit natural blondes and brunettes. These beautiful shades also have a knack of making synthetic hair appear thicker and gorgeously glossy.

Copper Wigs Long

Find our selection of copper wigs here to hop on this red-hot trend.

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