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From Classic Characters To Trending ​RN - Halloween Ideas To Feast On

All Hallows Eve, is undoubtedly, the most beloved festivity on our calendar and for wig lovers alike, Halloween is the highlight of the year. In celebration of the most wonderful time of the fear, we’ve got a slew of options to pull inspiration from for your best Halloween costume yet.

Keeping It Classic

Whether you’re looking for something spooky, sexy, or somewhere in between, you can’t go wrong with a ‘classic’ character. A creative mind is the key to tweaking a traditional look to incorporate your own personality or add a clever, modern twist.


Witches reign supreme at Halloween for a reason, and with so many characters to emulate, from timeless movies to Netflix newbies, you’re spoiled for choice.

Halloween Ideas Witches

@bmoshhhh wears the Retro Betty Wig. @piegeon_pie_art wears the Rapunzel Wig. @burning.princess wears the Vintage Vixen Lace Front Wig. @ellycatt wears the Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig.

Witch Halloween Ideas Wigs Makeup

Kristine wears the Ghostly Madame Wig. @char_barker wears the Cocoa Passion Wig. Elly ears the Stargazer Lace Front Wig. @makeupart_byjulie wears the Sinful Whisper Wig.


The classic symbol of Halloween, and a favourite among makeup artists during spooky season. Orange is the new black.

Pumpkin Makeup Halloween Ideas

@isabelle_makeup_ wears the Rosie Bombshell Wig and the Retro Betty Wig. Kristine wears the Very Veronica Wig.


Another popular pick with those given the gift of a steady hand and insanely brilliant artistry. Master the 8 legged / Black Widow makeup look and you’re ready to creep everyone out at this year’s Halloween bash.

Halloween Ideas Spider Makeup

@lola_von_esche wears the Voodoo Bang Bang Wig. Isabelle wears the Lauren Green Wig. @real.alterface wears the Kylie Pink Wig. Julie wears the Retro Betty Wig.

Outer Space

Outer space and its alien inhabitants have long been a trusty go-to for DIY crafters and sci-fi enthusiasts ready to embrace the festivities. Alien inspired Halloween getup = the perfect excuse to awaken your creativity.

Alien Wigs And Makeup Halloween Ideas

@jabbasmakeup wears the Lolli Pop Wig. @saich0tic wears the Neon Acid Wig. Lola wears the Jessica Rabbit Wig.

Cool Kids Only

The aim of the game here is keeping it cool with indie girl vibes and a truck-load of confidence. Glam goth and 90s grunge are huge trends right now and can be incorporated into a Halloween costume with relative ease.

Indie Horror

There’s no shortage of fashion inspiration from cult classic horror movies with instant recognition guaranteed, along with more obscure looks for all-out indie girls. From Lydia Deetz to Dani Ardor and ‘Heathers’ to ‘The Craft’, you have ample inspiration from the hippest horror hags to ensure the only answer to ‘why are you so obsessed with Halloween?’ is ‘Halloween is cool.’

Indie Horror Cool Halloween Ideas

@kloeid_ wears the Barbarella Wig. @annacyphre wears the Brown Wolf Mullet Wig. Elly wears the Stargazer Lace Front Wig. Brittany wears the Retro Betty Wig.

Joyce Monroe Wig

@msmaverickmuse as Joyce Monroe wears the Miss Kitty Wig.

Love Kills

Calling all members of the Anti Valentines Brigade and Sad Girls Club, or any subscriber to the pastel gore trend – this creepy cute theme is the definition of cool.

Cute Halloween Ideas Hair And Makeup

@lucxfurr wears the Taffy Blitz Wig. Elisa wears the Retro Betty Wig. @hazzatumbo wears the Renaissance Wig. @petite.doll wears the Soda Fizz Wig.

Trick Or Treat

Food themed Halloween costumes are nothing new and dressing as a giant pizza slice or oversized fried egg isn’t everyone’s vibe. A cooler alternative is applying a clever spin on Halloween candy and the Trick or Treat tradition.

Halloween Candy Costume Ideas

@doedoll wears the Lime Pop Wig. Giulia wears the Flamingo Fizz Wig and Soda Fizz Wig. @gothpixi wears the Voodoo Bang Bang Wig. @artbeautychaos wears the Flamingo Fizz Wig.


We can’t see a time when the neon aesthetic falls out of favour with the fashion and beauty industries. Opt for neon accessories as opposed to head-to-toe glow-in-the-dark to exude the cool factor.

Neon Halloween Costume Ideas

Saida wears the Neon Acid Wig. @horro.nymphet wears the Picnic Acid Wig. Julie wears the Disco Acid Wig. @fancyflutie wears the Neon Acid Wig.

Trending in 2022

For those who love to be seen as having their finger on the pulse of all things pop culture, read on for a roundup of the Halloween costumes we’re seeing trending this year. We’ll be eagerly awaiting pics from the annual bashes thrown by Halloween queens Heidi Klum and the Kardashians / Jenners to confirm our predictions.


Emma Stone’s star turn as Disney’s high-fashion, glamorous villain is the big carryover from last year. Perfect for anyone up for a challenge in perfecting one of her modern goth-glam makeup looks.

Cruella Emma Stone Movie Wig

@sofia_markova wears the Cruella Movie Wig.


We couldn’t be more ready for the plastic-fantastic life of ‘Barbie’, set for release in July 2023. The leaked pictures of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie as Ken and Barbie blew up online like a glitter bomb and only served to stoke our levels of excitement.

Halloween Ideas Barbie Wig

@misscassiewells wears the Barbie Wig.

Velma Dinkley

Although this could definitely be considered a classic Halloween costume, having first aired in the late 60s, this year Velma was at last publicly confirmed to be queer! We’re seeing lots of hype around the most recently confirmed LGBTQIA+ member of Mystery Incorporated, sure to be popular for spooky season.

Halloween Costume Velma Dinkley Wig

@sunsetat.2am wears the Deep Crush Wig.

Sandy Olsson

After the sad loss of Olivia Newton-John, we’ve seen a surge in orders from those wanting to pay tribute to the performance that catapulted her to superstardom–Sandy Olsson from ‘Grease’. The biggest challenge used to lie in replicating Sandy’s famous post-makeover perm, until now - thanks to our wonderfully realistic Sandy Wig. If the hopelessly devoted Sandra Dee is more your style, we’ve got you covered there too.

Halloween Ideas Sandy Grease Wigs

@simone_cleary wears the Sandy Grease Wig and Sandra Dee Wig.


It’s legit impossible to pick our favourite Euphoria character and corresponding makeup / hair / outfit. There are so many Y2K fashion faves from the second season that live rent-free in our heads and we think the best part is actually deciding which one to recreate. Go big on glitter, embellishments and vibrant hues.

Halloween Ideas Euphoria Makeup And Wigs

@visiblejune wears the Diamond Doll Wig. Cassie wears the Lilac Rebel Lace Front Wig and Kylie Pink Wig. Solenn wears the Baby Doll Wig.


With Disney’s live-action remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’ set to hit the big screen in May 2023, a renewed love for the singing sea princess was inevitable, particularly once the teaser trailer was released. Did mermaids really ever go out of fashion?

Ariel The Little Mermaid Wig

Cassie wears the Ariel Mermaid Wig.

Hocus Pocus 2

On Halloween we watch Hocus Pocus. It’s just how it is. After waiting years for the sequel, we were overjoyed to ring in the scary season with a group viewing of Hocus Pocus 2. The buzz around the beloved cult-classic Sanderson Sisters is set to continue right through to October 31st, with bonus points awarded if you rope in a friend or two to complete the sister set.

Hocus Pocus Winifred Wig

Elly wears the Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig. Kristine and @giselkauffman wear the Merida Brave Wig.

Sarah Sanderson Wig Hocus Pocus

Simone wears the Blonde Fairytale Fantasy Wig.

Max Mayfield

This redhead rules. Max was a scene-stealer this season thanks to Vecna's curse and a certain Kate Bush track. We’re pretty confident the Stranger Things character will be stealing Halloween 2022 with a huge uptick in portable cassette player sales already reported.

Max Mayfield Stranger Things Wig

We love this design by @sandrallosa. Opt for the Autumn Orange Wig or Fire Breeze Lace Front Wig to complete the look.


Escapism lies at the heart of all the ‘cores’ (cottagecore and cabincore are still trending hard), with endless ways to interpret the whimsical themes, again predicted to be a big influence on Halloween costumes this year. As with every other “movement” birthed on the Internet, there’s a look to suit any style, personality and budget.

Fairycore Halloween Ideas

Elly wears the Stargazer Lace Front Wig. Victoria wears the Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig. @wildroseartistry wears the Pink Fairytale Fantasy Wig. @suezochan wears the Lolli Pop Wig.

Fairycore Makeup And Wigs

Victoria wears the Blonde Fairytale Fantasy Wig. Isabelle wears the Brown Fairytale Fantasy Wig. Elly wears the Red Fairytale Fantasy Wig.

Wednesday Addams

This (and every) year’s go-to goth girl has to be Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega on the new Netflix series ‘Wednesday’ premiering in November. The creepy, kooky character has long been a Halloween favourite owing to her predilection for all black everything and, well, homicide. The hype is real among fans ecstatic to see Tim Burton’s take on The Addams Family, and we expect this to spill over into spooky season attire.

Wednesday Netflx Jenna Wig

@bangtsikitsiki wears the Morticia Wig.

We can’t wait to see all of this year’s Halloween costume looks. Get tagging - @star.style.wigs

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