5 Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer

Hot Hacks For Wig Wearers In Warm Weather

The summer months can be challenging for wig wearers. Humidity is not a friend to any type of hair. Synthetic wigs are a better option when compared to human hair alternatives, owing to the fibre’s ability to hold its original style, even when exposed to the elements. Shape loss and frizz are less of a problem for synthetic wigs, however heat and static can still cause issues when wearing any wig for a long period of time in summer temperatures.

We’ve put together 5 tips to help you stay cool (in every sense of the word) without having to sacrifice your wig.

1. Get Shorty

The most obvious of style choices to make in higher temperatures is to switch up a long wig for a shorter option. One of the downsides of longer wigs is the extra weight they carry, higher density hair and encouraging unpleasant sweat to form at the back of the neck. Bobs are the hottest style of the season making it an ideal time to swap princess for preppy.

Wearing Wigs In Summer Bob Wigs

Featuring: Sky Blue Rebel Lace Front Wig, Pastel Pink Rebel Lace Front Wig, Coral Blitz Wig and Dark Revolt Wig.

2. Get Out Of My Face!

We’re big fans of the fringe here at Star Style Wigs. The face framing, shape changing, fashion forward favourite can be a game changer for many a look, but during a hot spell, thick or heavy bangs can be irritating and sweat-inducing. Keep hair off the face with invisible grips, or embrace the bold accessory trend with some oversized clips.

Wearing Wigs In Summer Clips For Bangs

Featuring: Cosmic Dip Lace Front Wig, Very Veronica Wig, Miss Mad Hatter Wig and Pixie Crystal Lace Front Wig.

3. No Necking!

Keeping your wig off your neck is key to avoiding frizz caused by static and sweat spots, while also preventing your head from overheating. Opting for an up-do, if you have a longer length wig, or plaits, braids and bunches is not only practical during the summer months, but the perfect excuse for some style experimentation.

Wearing Wigs In Warm Weather Updo Wigs

Featuring: Marmalade Tease Wig, Winter Bloom Lace Front Wig and Poison Pop Wig.

4. Hip Hat Hurray!

The importance of being sensible when it comes to sun exposure is widely documented, ideally keeping in the shade when possible. Wearing a hat or headscarf over your wig, when out and about for long periods of time in the heat, is an effective method of protecting the hair fibres from frizz and keeping your face shaded and head cool. Always consider the material that the hat is made from and its weight and, if possible, choose a hat that feels slightly too large on just your head, allowing extra room for a hat to sit comfortably on top of your wig.

Wearing Wigs With Hats Summer

Featuring: Coral Splash Lace Front Wig, Rosie Bombshell Wig, Cosmic Dip Lace Front Wig, Miss Kitty Wig and Cupcake Doll Wig.

5. Lighten Up!

Our final tip concerns your choice of wig during the summer, and more specifically its colour. Lighter shades don’t absorb as much heat as dark colours, and the difference a shade switch up makes can be surprisingly significant. Black absorbs the most heat, so if you usually reside on the dark side, opting for a wig a few shades lighter will help to make a warmer stretch more comfortable.

Wearing Wigs In Warm Weather Light Colour Wigs

Featuring: Floral Breeze Lace Front Wig, Tahiti Breeze Lace Front Wig, Retro Betty Wig, Cocoa Passion Wig and Pixie Crystal Lace Front Wig.

Don’t forget the all-important moisture-absorbing layer between your scalp and wig (your wig cap), an essential in the summer heat and consider giving your scalp regular breaks from wigs altogether when the weather gets warm.

Stay cool, stay fabulous!



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