Step By Step Guide To Wearing a Half Wig Hair Piece

Half Wig Hair Piece Tutorial

How To Wear A Half Wig - Half Wig Hair Piece Tutorial

1. Section off the front part of your hair.

2. Secure with grips.

3. Pin up the lower section into a bun, making it as flat to the head as possible.

4. Take hold of your half wig hair piece and ensure that all 7 of the pressure clips are open.

5. Place the head piece over the bun, along the line created in step 1 and fix the top clips to your hair.

6. Move your hands down and fix the side clips to your hair.

7. Fix the remaining clips at the bottom of the hair piece and adjust the rear strap until comfortable and secure.

8. Remove the grips used in step 2.

9. Let this hair fall naturally back into place, concealing the top of the hair piece.

10. Style your natural hair as required to blend seamlessly with your hair piece.

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