7 Tips To Extend The Life Of A Synthetic Wig

How To Make Your Wig Last Longer

We understand completely that a lace front wig or any premium synthetic wig is a beauty investment. We continue to research synthetic hair types and only select the most natural and long lasting fibre for use in our hairpieces and wigs. These fibres are less likely to shed or tangle and the colour vibrancy holds beautifully, but if your wig is mistreated, the longevity of the piece can be dramatically decreased and your investment short lived.

Any wig wearer wants the hairpiece to look and feel just as gorgeous as it did the first time it was removed from the box. This not only evokes confidence but also limits the time required to restyle or ‘fix’ the wig.

We have put our wig-obsessed brains together and come up with some easy tips to make your wig last longer and prolong that incomparable ‘new hair’ feeling.

1. Brush Your Wig Correctly

How To Make A Wig Last Longer -  Brush A Wig Correctly

Isabelle wears the Kylie Pink Wig

It’s helpful to get into the habit of brushing through your wig after taking it off. Gently removing any tangles, smoothing and separating out the hair fibres before storage will ensure the task doesn’t need to be performed when you’re in a rush.

Careless and hurried brushing increases the chances of inadvertently damaging your wig.

Always brush small sections of hair, starting at the tips and moving toward the crown, holding each section to prevent any pulling at the wig cap (where each strand is sewn!)

2. Use The Correct Brush or Comb On Your Wig

How To Make Synthetic Wigs Last Longer - Brushes For Synthetic Wigs

Using the correct brush on synthetic hair is also super important. The wrong styling tool will cause excess shedding and can even encourage the formation of knots.

A wide tooth comb, paddle brush or looped bristle brush are ideal.

Vent brushes, round brushes, smoothing brushes and teasing combs should be avoided when it comes to wigs. These specialist styling brushes tend to cause static and frizz or feature harsher bristles that may weaken or even break synthetic hair strands.

Any purchase from our Lace Front Wigs Collection or Premium Princess Costume Wig Collection includes the perfect wide tooth comb.

3. Store Your Wig With Care

How To Make A Wig Last Longer - Wig Storage

To prevent tangling and to maintain a nice, smooth feel to the hair fibre, it’s good practice to store your wig in its box. Twist the ends of the hair around your hand while holding the wig at the cap and fold it into the hairnet provided for extra protection.

Alternatively, attach the internal wig straps to a coat hanger clip and hang your wig inside out.

Throwing the hairpiece into a draw, over a mirror, onto a shelf or on your bedroom floor (eeek! It’s like nails on a blackboard) Is. Not. Acceptable.

4. Limit The Use Of Heat On Your Wig

How To Make Synthetic Wigs Last Longer -  Heat Styling

Cassie Wears The Burnt Brûlée Wig. Curling Wand by Cloud Nine. Hair Straighteners by Hershesons

Synthetic hair does not need as much heat as human hair in order for it to curl or straighten. You will find that the lowest temperature on your curling wand or flat iron will do the job and you will not need to hold the styling tool on the wig as long as you would your natural hair.

Our heat resistant wigs are of course designed to allow you to switch up your look as often as desired but keep in mind that prolonged exposure to high temperatures will shorten the life of your synthetic hairpiece.

Unlike natural hair, heat protectant will not act as a barrier on a synthetic wig and over-styling will inevitably reduce its life expectancy.

5. Don’t Wash Your Wig (Unless It's Absolutely Necessary)

How To Make A Wig Last Longer - Washing A Wig Alternative Method

Lucii wears the Unicorn Rainbow Wig

Washing your wig will doubtlessly cause some shedding and slight loss of density, no matter how gentle you are. If you can avoid it, we always recommend revitalising your wig instead by spritzing a DIY leave in conditioner of equal parts water and fabric softener.

Your wig will obvs not benefit from the natural oils produced by your scalp and if it is brushed and cared for correctly, there should be no reason to wash your wig.

If absolutely essential (ie you got really involved at that foam party or passed out in left over pizza sauce – hey, it happens) be sure to follow our how to wash a wig guide. Allow yourself plenty of time and gently does it.

6. Use Silicon Based Products On Your Wig (Sparingly)

How To Make Synthetic Wigs Last Longer - Wig Care Products

Sarah wears the Pink Extra Large Afro Wig

It’s been a few years since the miracle ‘silicon spray’ was discovered by lovers of human hair extensions. Now well known for adding a glorious, ‘like new’ texture and sheen to clip in wefts, this wonder product has the same effect on synthetic hair.

A coating of silicon softens tangled, dry hair, smoothing out the fibre and adding a natural shine to the wig.

There is a range of silicon based products to choose from including leave-in-conditioners and rinse-out hair treatments. We recommend Remysoft Bluemax Refresher and Silicon Mix Bambu for use on synthetic wigs – available in the UK from Amazon and Ebay.

These hair products are ideal alternatives to a full wash and do produce impressive results.

Be advised that prolonged use of any product on your wig will cause a build up that can result in a drab, flat look to the hair. A thorough wash will eventually be the only solution to removing this.

7. Don’t Sleep In Your Wig Or Hit The Gym Wearing It

How To Make Your Wig Last Longer - Common Mistakes

Elly wears the Jessie Ombre Wig

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sleeping in your wig is a huge no-no and working out in it is almost as bad.

Both static and sweat cause frizz, often resulting in tangles and if you’re a cardio lover (what on earth is wrong with you?) that surplus ‘glow’ produced will do your synthetic hair lengths absolutely no favours.

Dry sweat = dry, crunchy texture. Pillow static caused by tossing and turning (ahem) = frizzy mess.

Want to create a messed up, frizzy wig for a costume theme like the wonderful Elly? Completely disregard the last paragraph! A full cardio session followed by 8 hours sleep in your wig is ideal :)

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