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Washing A Synthetic Wig

Washing Guide For Synthetic Wigs

1. Rewind to science class and get your potion mixing hat on. Don't panic! This one is super easy. Grab your empty spray bottle and pour in the following amounts of liquid (all approximately 10 pence piece sizes);

3 X 10p Size Shampoo

4 X 10p Size Conditioner

2 X 10p Size Fabric Conditioner

Washing A Wig Tip

Now top the bottle up with water so that the mixture is diluted nicely.

How To Wash A Synthetic Wig Tip

How To Wash A Wig Instructions

2. For shorter or mid length wigs simply hold your wig at arms length and spray on the magic mixture. Try and coat the hair as evenly as possible. For a longer wig, you may want to mount it on a wig stand. If you don't have a wig stand, any sturdy upright item will work - such as a can of hair product (you've got loads of them!)

Washing Wigs A Guide

3. Leave the potion to work its magic for a good few minutes. In the meantime, fill your basin (or semi-fill your bath) with lukewarm water. For short or mid length wigs, a basin will work just fine. Opt for a larger sink or bath for longer wigs.

How To Wash A Wig With Water Washing Wigs With Warm Water

How To Guide - Washing Synthetic Wigs

4. Now it's time to place your wig in the water. Gently swirl the wig around for a couple of minutes.

Tips For Washing Synthetic Wigs

With the wig still in the basin/bath, drain the dirty water. Turn on the cold tap and let the water run over your wig for a minute or so. This will ensure it is fully rinsed.

How To Wash A Wig Alternative To Basin

How To Wash And Dry A Synthetic Wig

5. Now, hold the wig up over your basin/bath and let it drip dry for a minute or so.

How To Safely Wash A Synthetic Wig

How To Dry A Wig After Washing

6. Place your wet wig on a towel covered, flat surface out of direct sunlight and allow it to air dry. If you have a wig stand, you can also use this for drying purposes.

How To Wash And Dry A Synthetic Wig Hairdryer

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How To Wash A Wig After Care

7. Once your wig is completely dry, grab a wide tooth comb and gently brush through the wig. Start at the ends, combing small sections of hair at a time and then move up the hair towards the top of the wig.

How Often To Wash A Synthetic Wig

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